Gamers feeling perplexed regarding the story of Dark Souls 3 need look no further than this feature length video, explaining the full plot of the From Software action RPG.

Although many play the Dark Souls series for its stellar gameplay and extreme difficulty, there is actually a wealth of hidden depth and context to discover. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Dark Souls III, where players have gone to extreme lengths to get discoveries, such as walking a crab through the game to try and find additional content. At the end of the day, however, this somewhat inscrutable element has left a fair few players confused over exactly what happens.

Thankfully, one intrepid Dark Souls III fan has taken matters into their own hands and made a fantastic video feature on the game’s plot. YouTube user MoonlightButterfly has gone to impressive lengths to create a cohesive film delivering the entirety of the game’s story in one easy package. Dubbing the creation Dark Souls III: The Movie, the video clocks in at an incredible one hour and 43 minutes.

What’s more, the creator has even taken into consideration the various different endings that the game allows based on player actions. As such, there are a number of ‘alternate endings’ that are viewable after the main film has been watched to the end. Those with the time to spare to watch the whole thing, or who are interested in getting a quick glimpse, can find the entire Dark Souls III YouTube movie below.

MoonlightButterfly does not just limit themselves to Dark Souls III, either. Also available on the user’s channel are movies based around other From Software titles, such as the original Dark Souls and Bloodborne. What’s more, the YouTube channel also holds host to movies from other games, such as a feature film composed around Shadow of the Colossus.

Dark Souls III: The Movie will prove to be extremely useful for a number of different gamers. After all, many have walked away from Dark Souls III having completed the game without a true understanding of the plot. What’s more, it could also be handy for those who struggle with the game but want a greater knowledge of the title’s story, such as those one in ten users who have failed to reach the game’s first bonfire.

Although Dark Souls III has been found by some to be a little hard to digest, the title has still caught the imagination of gamers all over the world. The game has picked up the prize for the top selling game of April 2016 in North America, and is even in the top ten trending games on YouTube for the same month. As such, Dark Souls III: The Movie is bound to get a lot of love.

Dark Souls III is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube