Dark Souls 3 Skeleton Mystery Explained

Ever wondered what those skeletons with the hats do in the catacombs of Dark Souls 3? It seems they have a more important role to play than you'd think.

Fans of FromSoftware's latest project, Dark Souls 3 are sure to be well aware of the game's lack of guidance by now, but if you've been wondering what the hat-wearing skeleton's deal is then look no further.

Players that have made it as far as the Catacombs of Carthus in Dark Souls 3 may have encountered the two skeletal mages who not only run away from the player, but are completely passive towards the Ashen One at all times. These enemies can be identified easily by their mage hats and can be killed with ease, presuming that they don't distract you from other hidden creatures.

Dark Souls 3 Boulder

As it turns out, these hat-wielding humanoids are in-fact responsible for those large skeleton balls that role on a set path in an effort to ambush a player and knock you from ledges. Once the timid skeleton creatures are defeated, the boulders will break against the next wall they touch and drop some loot for your efforts. One of the balls will release a small, hostile crab while the other contains a dark gem used to infuse powerful weapons.

If you're having trouble finding the enemies, the first skeleton foe should be hidden in an alcove just down the stairs by the first boulder. The second hat-wearer is on a balcony above the sewer, at the bottom of the second skeleton ball's route. It seems that both enemies will respawn, along with the rolling obstruction, when players rest at a bonfire.

Although Dark Souls 3 is a game packed with secrets, it's up to the players to discover everything the game has to offer. Luckily for us, one devoted fan has made an online checklist, detailing every item and hidden unlockable, helping to make sure that players don't miss anything while adventuring through the Kingdom of Lothric. For more help with the title, it might be worth checking out this mythbusters-esque Dark Souls video that tests the mechanics of the game, allowing players to gain a deeper understanding of how to play.

For those struggling with the game's notoriously difficult boss fights, we have a range of articles available to help you out, including the most recent Pontiff Sulyvhan boss guide. Not everyone is struggling with Dark Souls 3's difficulty level however, as a recent speedrun of the game shows a hardcore fan setting a new world record for the title, with an impressive 1 hour completion time.

Dark Souls 3 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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