Dark Souls 3 Player Gets Trolled Very Hard in New DLC


As many Dark Souls 3 fans are well aware at this point, From Software's latest action-RPG has an abundance of trolls populating its PvP landscape, and it looks as if the game's latest expansion, The Ringed City DLC, is no exception. As a matter of fact, while taking on the latest add-on, one player decided to get too chummy with another fan when they crossed paths, which ended up costing him his life.

As seen in the video below, after saving his progress at one of the game's bonfires, the Twitch streamer known as Criken came across a fellow player, and the two used the wave emote to one another as a way to gauge whether or not they were both friendlies. However, since this is the world of Dark Souls 3, not all is at it appears to be, as Criken ends up getting baited into a common area where a lot of people die, as a battalion of knights pop up out of nowhere to rain death upon him with a huge wave of arrows.


Although Criken ended up getting wasted after making the poor decision to trust the other player known as Piastol in Dark Souls 3, it's nice to see that he takes it in stride and laughs it off after reeling from the shock of what had just happened. As it happens, Criken even went as far to say, "I got played so hard. Oh, that was too funny."

As previously mentioned, Dark Souls 3 and its final expansion, The Ringed City DLC, doesn't suffer from a dearth of trolls, as many fans are finding ways to torment other players in the action-RPG. As a matter of fact, one of the wackier situations that has occurred between players in the add-on involved a trio of door-wielding trolls circling around lone player and beating them to death.

Of course, with The Ringed City DLC being the last piece of content added to Dark Souls 3, fans are certainly doing their best to wring every drop of fun out of it as possible, with players taking their time to create and appreciate the game's sillier moments. Without a doubt, the trolls are there to stay in Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitch

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