A listing from an online retailer leaks the release date and two different special editions of developer From Software’s forthcoming action-RPG, Dark Souls 3.

According to a public listing from Geekay Games and a tweet from “Wario64”, not only will Dark Souls 3 have two separate special editions, but also both will be available on April 12, 2016. The leak corresponds with a previous announcement made by From Software, confirming a release date during the month of April.

If the images below are to be believed, Dark Souls 3‘s two memorabilia-laden versions are a Collector’s Edition and a Prestige Edition. The former comes with a physical copy of the game, a red knight figurine standing nearly 10 inches tall, a hardcover art book, a cloth map, a soundtrack, iron-on patches, a metal case, and collector’s box to top it all off. The latter is set to include most of the aforementioned items, but replacing the red knight is a 16 inch Lord of Cinder statuette—whose likeness can be seen in recently released gameplay screenshots—and a differently designed collector’s box.

Geekay Games is a Middle Eastern retailer, so its listed prices are different from that of European and North American currency. The Collector’s Edition costs 499 AED, which roughly translates to $136, and the Prestige Edition will run for 1,799 AED, with exchange rates changing it to about $490. However, Dark Souls 3‘s publisher Bandai Namco has made no official statement regarding the leak, so the prices could very well be bunk.

Should the sums be accurate, though, surely only hardcore Dark Souls 3 fans will put their money down for either of the special editions, since both are extremely pricey. However, the content provided in the packages do indeed warrant the steep fees. Nevertheless, with the growing popularity of the punishing series, as well as the spiritual successor Bloodborne‘s successful sales, it’s entirely possible for such collectibles to be coveted by a much wider market.

At any rate, considering the adjustments Dark Souls 3‘s director Hidetaka Miyazaki have made involving fast travel, PvP multiplayer, and magic, the upcoming sequel could go on to take the cake as the most interesting entry in the series thus far. Not to mention, based on what we encountered during our preview of the game at E3 2015, long-time fans ought to be pleased with the intense level of difficulty, while newcomers will be hooked with the faster paced combat and gameplay.

For the sake of clarity, Dark Souls 3 is tentatively set to release on April 12, 2016, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Wario64 – Twitter (via Geekay Games 1 & 2, GameSpot)