‘Dark Souls 3’ Release Date Outed by Leaked Image

By | 1 year ago 

The Dark Souls franchise has made a name for itself by bringing hardcore, unforgiving gameplay back into the limelight. Starting with 2009’s Demon Souls, developer From Software built up a loyal fan base by crafting games that tasked players with truly working to make progress. From Software wasn’t interested in making games with regenerating health and ample checkpoints; if players wanted to beat Demon’s Souls, they would have to work for it.

The series would continue with spiritual sequel Dark Souls and then Dark Souls II, which was followed by the recently releases spiritual sequel Bloodborne. While Dark Souls and its follow up truly brought From Software’s unforgiving series to the limelight, the developer seemed perfectly happy to move onto a new franchise that was inspired by Dark Souls.

But From Software ultimately couldn’t stay away from the franchise that made them famous, and leaks have confirmed that Dark Souls 3 is coming. Initially, a handful of screenshots purporting to be pulled from Dark Souls 3 were posted by a Youtube channel called The Know, but many questioned their authenticity. Now, video game website IGN has managed to get a promotional image from the game that seems to confirm its upcoming release.

Dark Souls 3 Leaked Banner

The official art does not offer much more insight, but it does state that the game is coming early 2016. IGN states that the art will be utilized to promote the game at the upcoming video game tradeshow, E3. This leak seems to confirm the authenticity of The Know’s original leak, as they also claimed that the game will  release in early 2016. However, The Know also claimed that the game will release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a PC port as a possibility, but this image does not confirm these claims.

Along with the release window, The Know claims that Dark Souls 3 will feature over 100 new weapons, 10 playable classes, 45 new enemies, and 12 new areas. The leak also purports that Dark Souls III will feature new gameplay elements such as a Sacrifice system that will allow players to sacrifice the corpse of a fallen character to enter the world of other player characters.

With E3 now a week away, it stands to be seen if The Know’s insider information will prove to be factual. Regardless, fans are buzzing with anticipation for a new entry in the ruthlessly difficult franchise, so Dark Souls 3 may end up being one of the most talked about games at the show.

From Software’s recently released Bloodborne has received rave reviews, so Dark Souls 3 is certain to continue this trend. Fans will just have to tune in to E3 June16th-June 18th to see the game in action.

Source: IGN