Dark Souls 3 PvP Patch Causes Performance Issues, Pulled from Steam

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Developer FromSoftware removes the recently released patch that was originally intended to deal with the rising hacker problem on the PC version of Dark Souls III.

Dark Souls III has proven to be a big success for FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco, as the game has not only become the best selling Souls game, but it has broken sales expectations for the company. The notoriously difficult series appears to have finally found the right blend of difficulty and entertainment, while no doubt getting a boost from the positive word of mouth from the studio's other similar game, Bloodborne. While sales may be doing very well for everyone involved, the looming threat of cheaters and hackers continue to be a big problem for players on PC.

In a continued effort to combat cheating from Dark Souls III, FromSoftware recently released a patch intending to fix certain elements of the game that hackers rely on to infect other players. While trying to stop cheats are the source of the issue by preventing a number of problems seen while playing online, it appears that the patch has had the opposite effect on players.

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Since the patch released last week, users have reported a variety of performance based issues including freezing and screen stuttering that not only affects PvP, but PvE as well. In the wake of all the negative feedback, FromSoftware has temporarily removed the patch, until the performance issues can be resolved. For reassurance, the developer has also said players who fall victim to hackers or bugs during this time frame will not be punished.

Hacking has traditionally been an issue for the Souls games on PC, and sadly, this third entry is no different. This issue can be especially felt in the game's PvP multiplayer where one player invades another player's game. In an effort to gain an unfair advantage, a hack which lets the user turn into a deadly flying archer has been used, basically rendering the user invincible and able to rain explosive arrows down upon their enemies. One such player even resorted to calling himself AC-130, in reference to the popular and death-raining Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare aircraft.

This ins't the first time FromSoftware has attempted to put an end to hacking in Dark Souls III. Last month, the developer decided to take matters into their own hands and punish players directly who were suspected of hacking or exploiting the game. Unfortunately, this led to innocent players being incorrectly labeled as cheating, resulting in an Invalid Game Data error being thrown at the start up screen. Many believe accounts can get flagged for coming into contact with hacking players who invade other peoples worlds. For now, FromSoftware is advising players to roll back to a previous and clean save state.

For you PC players out there, have you run into any hackers or been on the receiving end of a FromSoftware punishment for suspected cheating? Sound off in the comments below.

Dark Souls III is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Steam Forums

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