PlayStation Japan reveals pricing details for the upcoming limited edition Dark Souls 3 themed PlayStation 4 console bundle, which is launching exclusively for Japan.

In less than one month, Japanese gamers will be the first ones to get their hands on Dark Souls 3, the intended concluding chapter in From Software’s Dark Souls trilogy. Not only will North American gamers have to wait a bit longer to get their Dark Souls fix, but it looks like they might miss out on a special Dark Souls 3 PlayStation 4 bundle as well. This news comes from PlayStation Japan, which today announced that Japanese fans will be getting a limited-edition Dark Souls 3-themed PlayStation 4 console bundle – with a copy of the game included.

The Dark Souls 3 PS4 bundle will be launched in Japan on March 24, and gamers can choose between the Cinder Knight version or the Elite Knight version of the bundle, as well as the option of a jet black or silver faceplate. Each bundle will include the console of choice, a copy of Dark Souls 3, a Dark Souls 3 PS4 theme, disc sleeve, and soundtrack. Unfortunately for non-Japanese Dark Souls fans, this limited-edition PS4 console bundle appears to be exclusive to Japan, as no announcements have been made regarding its availability in other regions.

For those Japanese Dark Souls 3 players who are interested in the jet black Cinder Knight and Elite Knight versions, they will be priced at 48,410 yen plus tax (approx. $428.90 USD) for the 1TB model, while the silver versions will be priced at 49,410 yen plus tax (approx. $437.74 USD). There is also a 500GB model available, which will cost 43,410 yen plus tax (approx. $384.53 USD) for the jet black versions, and 44,410 yen plus tax (approx. $393.40 USD) for the silver versions.


As for Xbox One owners, other than announcing that the original Dark Souls now is now playable on Xbox One, there has been no mention of any console bundle or special edition from Microsoft so far. The lack of a Dark Souls 3 bundle for Xbox One is quite intriguing, as Collector’s Editions of Dark Souls 2 were available for both PS3 and Xbox 360 just two years ago. There’s still a month to go before Dark Soul 3 is released, so the possibility of an Xbox One console bundle isn’t completely off the table just yet.

The Dark Souls 3 PS4 package is a nice little option for Japanese fans, and is certainly more standard promotional fare than the $10,000 prize the Namco offered up a couple of weeks ago. For those gamers who aren’t interested in console bundles or $10,000 contests, they’ll have the Dark Souls 3 post-launch DLC packs to look forward to.

If it is indeed true that Dark Souls 3 will conclude the Dark Souls trilogy, there’s going to be a mixture of excitement and sadness when the game is released. But if this recent Dark Souls 3 gameplay video is anything to go by, then the franchise is certainly going to finish off with a bloody bang.

Dark Souls 3 is scheduled for launch on April 12, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in North America. Japanese gamers can play the game on March 24th.

Source: GameSpot