In less than a week, the release of Dark Souls III will finally arrive. If you thought about picking up the game before launch, the PC platform is the way to get a solid discount. Right now Steam keys are running cheap at three major digital retailers: Green Man Gaming, Funstock Digital, and GamesPlanet. For Xbox One gamers, the best bet is at Microsoft Store where you’ll receive a free $10 Xbox gift code for pre-ordering.

The savings range from a low 17% off to as high as a giant 25% off, which is happening due to the magic of favorable currency conversion. If you’re planning to play Dark Souls III on day one, these are the best deals we’ve found.

Update 4/13: Game has released and a few price changes have happened. New deals below:

PC Standard Edition Deals: (List Price $59.99)

PC Deluxe Edition Deals: (List Price $84.99)

Console Deals: 

The discounts are most demonstrable at GamesPlanet. There the price is reduced to £31.99, or 20% off the UK’s £39.99 MSRP. While GamesPlanet only shows the British Pound price, you can buy from them world wide (except for Japan and North Korea), where in the US the conversion will come out to about $45 flat depending on your bank, or over 25% off the $59.99 MSRP! This is a great deal for the same exact Steam copy you’ll be picking up at Steam Store, save for the $15 savings.

The discounts at GMG and Funstock Digital work in a similar way, but you can see the savings a little easier. At FunStock the default currency is also British Pounds, but if you check the top of their page you’ll notice a drop down menu where you can also display their price in either Euros or USD. GMG should direct you to their price in your local currency automatically (based on your IP address).

Console Deals A Bit Lacking

Discounts on either the PS4 or Xbox One Dark Souls III are going to be hard to find with a few exceptions. If you’re a paid subscriber to either Amazon Prime or Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked you will get 20% off the Day One Edition of Dark Souls III. That makes both Amazon and Best Buy only $47.99. Xbox One gamers who don’t have either membership can simply pre-order at Microsoft Store and receive a bonus $10 Xbox gift code as a pre-order incentive. This is a pretty good deal all things considered if you were planning to play on day one.

Keep in mind these subscription fees are not worth it just to get a cheaper Dark Souls III alone. A year’s worth of Amazon Prime is $99, while Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked is a $30 2-year membership. Both great services if you buy a lot of games, but not for just one. That said, it’s good to know these discounts exist.

Dark Souls III Pre-order Bonus


The big pre-order bonus you’ll get on Dark Souls III is the official soundtrack. Both deals offered by GamesPlanet and Funstock are via Namco Bandai and will include the pre-order bonus without any scruples. GMG makes no mention of the soundtrack and the source of their copies are from “authorized distributors” so we think it’s unlikely you’ll receive a copy.

For consoles, when you pre-order you’ll actually be buying the “Day One Edition” of the game, which includes the aforementioned soundtrack PLUS a the official strategy guide. Once released, the retailers will start selling the “Standard Edition” and you’ll no longer be able to purchase the Day One Edition. If you’re not planning to pre-order Dark Souls III – we wouldn’t sweat the SKU/product naming convention as its just another way publishers likes to bill their product (vs calling it the Pre-Order Edition).

Digital Deluxe vs. Standard Edition

What about Deluxe Edition? Here’s another aspect where there really isn’t a huge complicated difference. Deluxe Editions will include the Dark Souls III Season Pass, while the Standard Edition only includes the base game. Given Season Pass content details are light currently, we wouldn’t pick up a Digital Deluxe unless you’re a big time Dark Souls III fan and want to take advantage of the savings on the Season Pass.