One Dark Souls 3 player makes light work of the intimidating Pontiff Sulyvahn, taking down this formidable boss in just one hit and sharing the footage online.

Although it’s far from the only appeal of the game, plenty of Dark Souls III players are hooked on the title due to its varied, difficult boss battles. Many fans of the From Software release feel that Pontiff Sulyvahn is certainly towards the tougher end of the boss scale, with many gamers turning to game guides to defeat the boss. One recent player, however, has somehow managed to take down Pontiff Sulyvahn in just a single hit.

The gamer, who goes by the name neptunusequester over on YouTube, performed this incredible feat and shared it for all the world to see. Avoiding the attacks of a number of enemies on the way up to the boss battle itself, the player then walks into the lair of the Pontiff, before delivering a tremendous hit on this Dark Souls III boss. That’s all she wrote for Pontiff Sulyvahn, as the boss crumples under the attack.

It may seem like an impossible strike to pull off – after all, this particular boss often requires vast amounts of dedication from players to even beat in the normal way. However, it’s clear that neptunusequester managed to strike the perfect balance of buff stacking before taking on Pontiff Sulyvahn. Those interested in seeing the whole fight in action – if it can even be called a fight – can do so in the video below.

This is far from the first time that a Dark Souls III player has been able to take out a hard-as-nails boss with ease. After all, the likes of the Dancer of the Boreal Valley can be defeated with the player character barely lifting a finger, through the use of handy exploits. Nonetheless, this is one of the most impressive pieces of Dark Souls III gameplay around.

Once the challenge has been taken out of the game, however, there are still plenty of ways for users to keep themselves occupied. In particular, the dense and sometimes inscrutable lore of the Dark Souls series just begs to be discovered, with many players attempting to discover as much as they can about the fearsome Souls world. Meanwhile, other players have taken it upon themselves to find as many secrets in the game as they can, with one player leading a crab from the Catacombs of Carthus to the Smoudering Lake too see if anything could be unlocked.

Unfortunately, it has not all been fun and games for Dark Souls III players of late. PC users have found From Software and Bandai Namco’s response to cheaters and hackers less than helpful, and many have even complained about being unfairly banned from the game. Hopefully, things will improve for players in the future.

Source: neputunusequester (YouTube)