Developer From Software gives players a leg-up in their fight for Dark Souls 3 victory in the form of a truly epic transformation. Here’s exactly how to pull it off.

If there was ever a game series that pushed players to their absolute limit, it’s the Dark Souls franchise. From Software’s action RPG titles are already renowned for their extreme difficulty, and gamers were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the third – and final – part of the trilogy in the form of Dark Souls 3. As it stands, however, the game’s developer has given users a helping hand in the form of a fantastic transformation.

Players of Dark Souls 3 will have already found out that many of the characters in-game have a somewhat obscure obsession – wanting to become dragons. As it turns out, this dream is not just limited to NPCs, but is very much a feasible reality for the player character too. Those interested in finding out just how to become a dragon in Dark Souls 3 should read on, but be warned – many spoilers lie ahead.

There are a number of items in Dark Souls 3 that allow the owner to turn specific body parts into those of a dragon. The first of these is the Dragon Torso Stone, and this item is perhaps the easiest to get hold of, at least in Dark Souls 3’s difficult world. The player will find a statue of a meditating dragon in a large, outside area of the Irithyll Dungeon, which is simply holding the Dragon Torso Stone in place for the player to pick up.

Dark Souls 3 Dragon

To receive the second item, the Dragon Head Stone, the player must also begin in this area – however, they must already have unlocked the Path of the Dragon emote. This can only be done by defeating the optional boss Oceiros, the Consumed King, who can be found in the Consumed King’s Garden. After beating Oceiros (we recommend not only using fists), open the door at the back of the chamber, and continue until an altar is visible. Here, a fallen Drakeblood Knight is holding the Path of the Dragon emote.

Once this gesture has been taken, head back to the spot in Irithyll Dungeon and perform the emote. This will allow the gamer to reach Archdragon Peak, although be warned – the player will be set upon by a new boss, an Ancient Wyvern. After taking down this foe, however, the gamer will be awarded the Dragon Head Stone. To use both the Dragon Head Stone and Dragon Torso Stone, users need to simply take off their armor and use the stones in their inventory. The character will then be turned into a dragon form, and will continue to be so until they die, being able to breathe fire on foes.

dark souls 3 consumed king

Those after more impressive dragon effects, however, will want the Twinkling variants of the stones that From Software included. The Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone is found near the end of Archdragon Peak, after a climb up the peak that eventually leads to a stone altar. If the player performs the Path of the Dragon emote here, they will be rewarded with the Twinkling variant.

Its Head Stone counterpart, however, requires a little more dedication. Players need to go to Firelink Shrine and speak with Hawkwood the Deserter, making sure to go through all dialogue options. After this, Andre the blacksmith will give the player character a cryptic message from Hawkwood, asking to travel to the Abyss Watchers bonfire. There, Hawkwood will attack the player, and if he is defeated, then the prize is the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone. Using these Twinkling versions awards the player with dragon limb attacks as well as a different fire breath.

This dragon transformation is a double-edged sword, however, as although the player in question is given some rather striking attacks, the lack of armor is certainly a hindrance. Then again, if gamers were not up for a challenge, then Dark Souls 3 would not be the title of choice anyway.

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Source: VG247