Dark Souls 3 Player Beats Game Using Only Donkey Kong Bongos

dark souls 3 soul of cinder donkey kong bongos

Dark Souls 3 has a reputation for being a brutally difficult game and for many players, simply beating the game's final boss, the Soul of Cinder is a tremendous accomplishment. But the game's most passionate fans have repeatedly sought out ways to make the experience even more hardcore, and now we can add YouTuber and Twitch streamer ATwerkingYoshi to this list. The Dark Souls 3 fan has managed to beat the Soul of Cinder while using only the Bongo controllers from Nintendo Gamecube game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

ATwerkingYoshi, who is one of two streamers that broadcasts from Twitch channel TheSuperScrubs, uploaded the accomplishment to his YouTube on Monday. The entire fight against the Dark Souls 3 final boss takes him a little more than eight minutes. ATwerkingYoshi's set up includes using four different Bongos with two being used for movement, and the other two for dodge and attack.

There were multiple close calls throughout the final boss encounter, but in the end, ATwerkingYoshi's tactic of staying at a distance from the Soul of Cinder and then counterattacking allowed him to emerge with the victory. While he did not die during the final boss encounter, a tally at the bottom of the screen from his Twitch stream indicates that he perished a total of 154 times throughout the game while playing it with the Bongos.

The Twitch streamer spoke to Game Rant about his accomplishment, noting that the hardest boss from his playthrough was the Lorain Twin Princes fight.

"It was tough to keep track of his teleportation without any camera controls," ATwerkingYoshi said.

Of course, ATwerkingYoshi is only the latest Dark Souls fan to find a unique way to play the game. Other players have used everything from their feet to voice commands.

ATwerkingYoshi said that his Bongos run was inspired by watching other fans play the game with unique controllers. He's also apparently not done trying to come up with different ways to beat the game.

"The first time I played DS 3 was with DDR pads when the game came out. I still have yet to play the game with regular controls," he said. "It was a fun and challenging run, I'm preparing my Wii -mote steering wheel for the next run of DS 3!"

Dark Souls 3 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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