From Software’s regulation v. 1.06 patch for Dark Souls III is arriving on PC on April 28, focusing on balance changes. Console patch date as yet unplanned.

From Software’s post-launch support for Dark Souls III is already in full motion, as the team has already released several small patches to polish out any rough spots the team missed during development. That support continues tomorrow, April 28, when From Software will put out “Regulation” patch 1.06 to correct several small balance issues in the game. Note that these changes are slightly spoilerish, so for those still trying to remain unsullied on all things Dark Souls III — turn back now.

Although this patch will bump Dark Souls III from 1.05 to 1.06, the “App” version of Dark Souls III will remain at 1.04. This perhaps implies that the client itself isn’t altered, only content? That is to say that this patch doesn’t deal with client or performance issues. This is a balance-focused patch, though the patch notes do acknowledge bug fixes. Perhaps those are only content-based bugs.

Jumping ahead to the patch notes themselves, here’s what From Software has put together for regulation patch 1.06:

  • The range of the matching level of the Blade of the Darkmoon and the Blue Sentinels have been adjusted.
  • The efficiency of the following categories has been adjusted: Short Sword, Twinsword and Magic.
  • Other game balance improvement and bug fixes.

From Software labels these changes as “Main Adjustments,” which implies that there might be some smaller changes in-game that weren’t worth calling attention to.

Dark Souls 3 1.06 Balance Patch - Twinswords

Obviously the biggest change is to the multiplayer matchmaking, which of course isn’t a wholly accurate way to describe Dark Souls III‘s multiplayer at all. Both the Blade of the Darkmoon and the Blue Sentinels factions are defender factions, meaning that they are summoned to defend players against hostile invaders. Matchmaking for those summoned currently has wide level ranges, with those summoned potentially being up to 30 levels lower than the ones who summoned them. Patch 1.06 will hopefully tighten that up a bit.

Patch note number two is a bit more ambiguous, citing “efficiency” as the target of the balance changes. The assumption within the community is that efficiency is meant to reference stamina and FP costs. So “Magic” efficiency changes should hopefully mean spells are cheaper to cast, or “Short Sword” efficiency changes meaning players get more sword swings for less stamina. The “other game balance” changes in the patch notes could be anything, so Dark Souls III players will have to remain vigilant.

All in all, Dark Souls III‘s 1.06 patch is a healthy update for the betterment of the record-breaking game. Which, considering the game is less than a month old, should please fans.

Dark Souls III is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.