Dark Souls 3 publisher Bandai Namco issues a warning telling Western gamers to avoid playing the international version before the game’s worldwide release.

Thanks to yesterday’s release of Dark Souls 3 in Japan, Xbox One owners can play the game now by buying and downloading the title’s international version. However, the action-RPG’s publisher, Bandai Namco, recently put out a press release regarding the matter to let fans know it’s is not yet “complete,” and that Western gamers playing the international version are experiencing the title without its day-one patch.

Furthermore, the Dark Souls 3 publisher explained the international version is currently without multiplayer features, and that those fans who downloaded it are playing a lower quality model, as the title’s first patch will bring about “further optimization.” Of course, Bandai Namco went on to say the day-one update is set to launch in tandem with Dark Souls 3 on the game’s April 12, 2016 release date for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Taking all of this this into consideration, those who downloaded Dark Souls 3 using the region loophole are quite possibly taking a hit in terms of the game’s graphics, as the visuals could potentially be dragging further below the already unfortunate 900p resolution output for Xbox One. And although the title can surely be enjoyable without its PvP elements, the fact that Dark Souls 3‘s international version is lacking all that developers intended the game to have with the day-one patch almost certainly takes away from the full experience.


Of course, it’s extremely easy to look at this situation from a cynical perspective and say that Bandai Namco is issuing the warning to fans in order to encourage them to wait for the official release as a means to bolster Dark Souls 3‘s sales outside of the Japanese version. However, neither the publisher nor developer, From Software, seem too concerned about the matter, as both companies were undoubtedly aware of these circumstances eventually occurring prior to the title’s release in Japan yesterday. Plus, with¬†Dark Souls 3¬†being playable about three weeks ahead of schedule in all markets, it’s definitely better advertising for the game than Bandai Namco’s promotional hot wing eating contest.

In all actuality, though, Bandai Namco more than likely just wants fans to experience the best possible version of Dark Souls 3, especially since the game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has said that it may be the end of the series, as he wants the studio to pursue new projects. With that in mind, the publisher and developer alike would definitely prefer players to have fun being challenged with the complete version of the game, rather than be dissatisfied by an inferior product.

What do you think about Bandai Namco’s statement telling fans to avoid Dark Souls 3‘s international version? Will you heed the company’s warning or are you going to keep playing it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Dark Souls 3 is out now in Japan, with an official worldwide release set for April 12, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot