Dark Souls 3: 10 Most Powerful Spells, Ranked

The use of magic in Dark Souls 3 can be a pretty polarizing issue. Some players forgo it entirely, choosing instead to focus solely on hacking and slashing their way through their quest for the Five Lords of Cinder. And it's totally viable to do so, of course. Many would even argue that it's the definitive Dark Souls experience. However, players that adhere strictly to that route end up missing out on the fine selection of useful, fun, and outrageously powerful selection of spells available in Dark Souls 3.

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Magic in Dark Souls 3 can be divided into three basic categories: sorceries, pyromancies, and of course, miracles. Each branch has their own respective strengths and weaknesses, but whichever one you pick, you can rest assured that there are a few overly potent spell selections that'll totally lay waste to your foes. But which ones are the best? Well, just keep scrolling and check out the ten most ludicrously overpowered spells to be found in Dark Souls 3 below.

10 Seething Chaos

Seething Chaos can be a little complicated to use. Though the initial projectile will do damage, it's best to cast it on the ground, where it will fester into a landmine of sorts that will do a tremendous amount of damage. The issue is getting your opponent to actually set it off, especially in PVP encounters.

If you're combining it with pyromancies that focus on baiting movement and area control, it's perfect. But its dependency on those spells in order to really pull itself off does hold it back a little bit. Otherwise, it is one of the most singularly damaging pyromancies in the game. It's obtained by transposing the soul of the Demon Prince in The Ringed City DLC.

9 Sunlight Spear

Sunlight Spear is usually remembered as a miracle best used in PVE, which is no surprise given that its been historically associated with the cooperative Warriors of Sunlight covenant. But since it performs pretty well as a solid ranged offensive miracle, its potential in PVP often gets overlooked.

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Sunlight Spear does a healthy chunk of extra damage when it hits something at point blank range, making it a lethal surprise that opponents might not expect. Proper timing is crucial, but it could potentially be an invasion-ending move when used at the right moment. You'll probably need to beat the game before grabbing it, as the final boss' soul must be transposed to learn it.

8 Homing Crystal Soulmass

This spell can be a little tricky in application. But just a wee bit of practice with the associated micromanagement and timing will absolutely make this one of the most useful tools in your PVP arsenal. This one's purchased from Orbeck after obtaining the Crystal Scroll.

Firing the spell without locking on can cause the projectiles to float around your character, remaining until an opponent gets into range in front of you. It's a good deterrent that allows you to control the range of the fight, and staggering the projectiles rather than letting them all loose makes them much harder to dodge. However, the opponent is likely to out-roll a few in the process.

7 Great Soul Dregs

Great Soul Dregs is the ultimate form of Deep Soul, and as such, it's a whole bunch of bad news for whoever it is fired at. It tracks and homes in on targets remarkably well, and the projectile itself has a massive hitbox. Firstly, you'll need to visit the Dreg Heap within The Ringed City DLC in order to get your hands on it.

It's great in PVP, as opponents will perform a furious series of panic rolls to get out of the way. Those less aware of the threat it poses will soon learn a harsh lesson. Outside of PVP, this spell is still great for tough enemies and bosses, as it can deal absolutely brutal amounts of damage with the right build.

6 White Dragon Breath

The first thing to be said for White Dragon Breath is that it looks radical, mimicking the behavior of Seath the Scaleless' breath. Fortunately, it's also incredibly powerful if you can manage to land it. Casting it will produce a long, straight beam of jagged crystals directly in front of the caster that'll put anything in their path in significant pain.

It's a bit of a rare sight, as when players transpose the boss soul of Oceiros, they're presented with a choice between this spell and the fan favorite Moonlight Greatsword.

5 Crystal Soul Spear

A tried and true classic. Think of the Soul Spear and Soul Arrow spells as the Dark Souls rendition of "magic missile." They're some of the most frequently encountered offensive spells in the Souls series, and with good reason. The weaker versions are reliable and cheap, but the Crystal Soul Spear is the strongest among them.

There's very little to say for the spell itself, as it's very straightforward. It's a little less desirable in PVP as it can take a bit to cast compared to weaker and similar spells, but landing it is entirely worth the effort, because it's going to hurt a lot. Picking it up is as easy as checking with Orbeck once you have the Crystal Scroll.

4 Great Chaos Fire Orb

You can't get much more classic than hurling a fireball. The Great Chaos Fire Orb is the best possible form of the pyromancer's most basic and fundamental spell. Its FP and stamina costs are very reasonable, and it is capable of doing a great deal of damage. As an added bonus, it temporarily leaves behind a damaging pool of lava.

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However, the casting and projectile speeds leave a little to be desired, and in order to effectively use it in PVP, a lot of practice with aiming and leading target movements will help more than anything. This spell is picked up from Cornyx after snagging the Izalith pyromancy tome.

3 Chaos Bed Vestiges

Chaos Bed Vestiges is another fairly straightforward offering from the pyromancy department. It has a bit of a wind up when it comes to casting time, but the power and speed of the projectile make it a frequently witnessed favorite for PVP pyromancy builds.

The velocity and AOE of the spell's projectile make it a breeze to aim, which makes it a little more difficult for your opponent to dodge. This can make it very tempting to spam, but its associated cost will drain your FP bar very quickly. You'll need to transpose the boss soul of the Old Demon King to add this one to your arsenal.

2 Wrath of the Gods

Already infamous within the Dark Souls series around practically any area with an unsafe cliff, this miracle has been shoving people to their unceremonious deaths for quite some time. As it has been historically, Wrath of the Gods emits an AOE shockwave around your character.

Not only can it do great damage when boosted appropriately, chances are that it's going to knock over any opponent it touches, and if not, it'll likely still stagger them. Just pair it with the Sunlight Talisman's Weapon Art to reduce the chance that you'll be interrupted and it's an effective response to being teamed up against. Do a little hunting around the Profaned Citadel if you haven't located this one yet.

1 Soul Stream

Think of Soul Stream as a magical sniper rifle. Learning to effectively aim this spell at range can be tricky, if not outright frustrating, as it is usually goes with free aiming. However, those that take the time to master it will be incredibly well rewarded for their efforts. To find it, just dig through Lothric Castle until you find it tucked away within a hidden room.

The projectile for the deadly Soul Stream is incredibly fast and accurate, so much so that it can be utilized effectively over truly insane distances for impressive one-shot kills. It has multiple damage frames and thus the entirety of its damage can be easily dodged, but it is capable of absolutely demolishing practically anything's health bar - including bosses.

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