A recent From Software livestream shows off combat gameplay featuring the mace and scimitar weapons in the studio’s forthcoming action-RPG, Dark Souls 3.

After having recently revealed some sword and shield gameplay for Dark Souls 3, an overnight livestream hosted by From Software featured action revolving around mace and scimitar weaponry that also provides further evidence of how the developer is substantially altering the game’s combat system with Weapon Arts. For those unaware, Weapon Arts are movesets that relate to specific weapons which offer powerful animations that use up players’ mana.

On top of the mace and scimitar sparring, the Dark Souls 3 footage also focused on the Knight and Cleric classes, and showed even more action for the greatsword and longsword. Furthermore, the area in which the gameplay takes place is the location that was featured several months ago in the title’s network stress test.

The scimitar has the potential to offer Dark Souls 3 players the most style and maneuverability as far as combat is concerned, because it allows for quick, successive slashes, but its damage output is pretty low when compared to the other weapons. By the looks of it, should fans purchase the game upon its release date and want to dish out as much pain as possible, the mace and greatsword may grow to become their most reliable weapons. With that in mind, fans can check out a recorded version of From Software’s livestream courtesy of YouTuber Rikudou below.

Should fans who have watched the above video come to the conclusion that Dark Souls 3‘s battle system has become a lot more diverse than its predecessors, they would be correct in thinking so, as it was precisely the intention of the game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki. As it happens, the combat limitations of Bloodborne inspired Miyazaki to give Dark Souls 3 a wider variety of options during the action-RPG’s conflicts.

If everything shown off for Dark Souls 3 thus far has left a profound impact on fans and has given them the desire to secure a copy of the title as soon as it launches, they should also be happy to know that in addition to the base game, the forthcoming release will have a Season Pass and DLC according to a leak. As claimed by a listing on the Xbox One store, Dark Souls 3 is set to have two completely different expansion packs, which both have new maps, bosses, and weapons, building upon the already abundant offering of the standard edition.

Even though there’s still a ways to go before Dark Souls 3 is officially available, with all of the gameplay footage From Software has provided since the title was announced, it’s obvious as to why the release is considered to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2016. Plus, taking into account the high quality of the previous entries in the series, there’s no reason not to expect a great and challenging experience from Dark Souls 3 when it releases.

Dark Souls 3 is set to release on April 12, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rikudou – YouTube