FromSoftware fans have raised nearly $5 million for Steamforged’s board game adaptation of the Dark Souls series as of today’s end to the Kickstarter campaign.

Dark Souls 3 is proving to be incredibly popular, even in board game form, as the final day of the title’s tabletop adaptation Kickstarter arrives. With an initial goal of just under $71,000, fans of FromSoftware’s notoriously difficult game have raised almost $5 million with 5 hours left on the campaign at the time of this article’s writing.

For those who haven’t already heard about the Dark Souls board game, it comes courtesy of the good folks over at Steamforged Games and is licensed by Bandai Namco. The developers announced last month:

“As Dark Souls fans, we could not be more excited to be given the honour of developing a board game that embraces everything that makes Dark Souls the deep, compelling game experience that it is.”

Dark Souls Board

What makes the Kickstarter all the more enticing are the many stretch goals that come with the game. Due to the overwhelming amount of support that game received, any who back the project will also gain access to several expansion sets, including: Player Characters, the Core Game set, the Iron Keep, Armour set, Invaders, and nearly all of the Summoned expansion. It’s a huge amount of content to get along with the base board game and has clearly proven hard to resist for many of the nearly 30,000 backers.

The game features beautifully crafted models, both for player characters and enemies. Larger figures are also present for the Dark Souls bosses such as Executioner Smough, Dragon Slayer Ornstein and the most recent title’s Dancer of the Boreal Valley. Mini bosses such as the Titanite Demon and a Gargoyle also make an appearance, which will likely add a great deal of challenge to the game. Judging by the difficulty level of the Dark Souls franchise, it’s a safe bet to say that the board game will be more challenging than casual players are used to.

This isn’t the first FromSoftware title to recieve a tabletop adaptation, as designer Eric Lang – creator of the XCOM board game and A Game of Thrones: The Card Game – revealed recently that he would be putting together an official card game for 2015’s Bloodborne. The game is described as being “simple but highly deep and interactive”, something that hopefully can be said for this upcoming title as well.

What do you think Ranters? Are you excited for the chance to play a Dark Souls board game?

The latest game in the franchise, Dark Souls 3, is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.