Dark Souls 3 Halloween Costume Is Pretty Creepy


One fan of developer From Software's incredibly eerie action-RPG Dark Souls 3 models their own Halloween costume after the game's creepy Jailer enemy.

Naturally, plenty of Dark Souls 3 fans know that the most recent entry in the action-RPG franchise contains plenty of twisted and scary boss baddies thanks to the talented designers and developers at From Software. So, with Halloween being right around the corner, it would make sense for gamers to use the title as a source of inspiration for costumes to frighten the pants off of anyone who dares glance their way.

Interestingly enough, the Redditor and Dark Souls 3 fan going by the handle Weeperblast recently decided to use the game as an influence for their outfit for the spookiest holiday of the year by making a costume based on the Jailer enemy from the Irithyll Dungeon area. As a matter of fact, the Redditor painstakingly crafted every piece of the outfit himself, with the final tally for his materials totaling out to be $80 in all.

As seen in the gallery below, it's obvious that Weeperblast put plenty of effort into his Halloween outfit for this year. To put it all together, he made use of an assistant priest's robe from the Order of the Oddfellows, a black balaclava, a silver face mask, his own home made pair of light-up goggles for the glowing eyes, a cone cap with a triple-tiered black silk train, black gloves, a mesh cowl, a branding iron, and finally, his simulacrum of the lantern which drains players' HP in the game.


While most folks can agree that Weeperblast's Dark Souls 3 Jailer get-up is easily one of the creepiest costumes inspired by gaming in recent memory, one doesn't have to take the sinister route when it comes to Halloween outfits. In fact, it's safe to say that plenty of Destiny fans will be attempting a successful ensemble similar to cosplayer Fred Props' Exo Hunter from a while back.

Should one be more inclined to celebrate Halloween with frightening attire, though, Dark Souls 3 has plenty of other terrifying enemies worthy of being used for a costume. For instance, there are simplistic creatures like the skeletons in the catacombs that would work well with the holiday's theme. However, should fans want some duds that are a bit more complex and daunting to make, they could always look to the action-RPG's bosses for inspiration, like Pontiff Sulyvahn.

Of course, with Halloween only being several days away, if fans have not put together their costumes yet, in the interest of time, they would surely be better off taking a simpler approach by avoiding the intricately designed creatures of Dark Souls 3. Should one be in this situation, perhaps going as one of the Super Mario Bros. would be the easiest solution.

Dark Souls 3 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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