U.K. gamers can wolf down 20 punishingly hot wings at their local MeatLiquor to compete for the chance to win prizes themed around the upcoming Dark Souls 3.

When it comes time to promote an upcoming video games, companies will resort to just about any tactic. Commercials are shown extensively on TV, ad space is purchased on websites, and free koozies are sent to the press. But these traditional promotion methods are very dated. These days, it seems as though food is the best way to spread the word on a video game. Konami opened a Metal Gear-themed café in Paris to promote Metal Gear Solid 5, while Capcom opted to create a burrito in homage to the Resident Evil franchise. Now, Bandai Namco is hopping on the foodie bandwagon and rolling out devilishly intense hot wings to promote the upcoming release of Dark Souls III.

With its unrelenting difficulty and punishing game mechanics, the Dark Souls franchise has never been a series intended for casual gamers. Since launching in 2011, the series has prided itself on being controller-breakingly tough, and publisher Bandai Namco has decided to play off of this punishing aspect to get iron-stomached gamers to wolf down mouth-searing hot wings for a chance to win the highly sought after Prestige Edition of Dark Souls III.

The contest, held in conjunction with U.K. restaurant chain MeatLiquor and running between April 4th and April 29th, tasks hungry gamers with putting away 20 of MeatLiquor’s legendary hot wings, which are covered in a sauce that is said to contain a quarter of a liter of chili sauce. The wings are so hot that MeatLiqour requires all participants to sign a liability waiver to compete.

Participants not scared off by the waiver are free to take part in the contest, and eaters are not given a time limit, but the quickest eaters are entered into the “Hall of Souls” leaderboard, with the fastest time at each MeatLiquor restaurant being awarded a PS4 with the collector’s edition of Dark Souls III. While the fastest time overall will net the coveted Prestige Edition of Dark Souls III, complete with a 16 inch statue of the Lord of Cinder.

Dark Souls III Wing Challenge

Gamers who do not think they will qualify for the top wing eating honors will at least be awarded a commemorative “I survived” Dark Souls III wing challenge t-shirt, along with all the mouth-searing memories that come from attempting to eat a mountain of punishingly hot wings.

It’s clear that Bandai Namco is using some unique methods to promote the latest entry in the Japanese action role-playing series, with the company previously offering $10,000 to fans that could best explain the franchise’s notoriously confusing story, along with setting a trailer for the game to the not particularly grim and gritty “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper.

With the April 12th release of Dark Souls III mere weeks away, fan excitement is reaching a boiling point. Fans that just can’t wait to get punished by Dark Souls can always visit their local MeatLiquor and punish their insides with Dark Souls endorsed hot wing.

Dark Souls III releases April 12th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Source: Destructoid