Dark Souls 3 Guide: Where to Find Every Optional Boss

dark souls 3 optional boss guide

From Software's Dark Souls 3 is a complex, unforgiving game, and its optional bosses aren't any different - here's where to find them and some tips on how to beat them down.

Dark Souls 3 has a lot of grueling and terrifying boss fights. Of course, that's part of the charm of a series that has made its reputation on gamer tears and broken controllers, so it should no surprise that Dark Souls 3 has optional bosses and that some players, eager for more punishment, actually want to find them. Although a few of the optional bosses are actually fairly easy to stumble upon, many of them are not, and gamers might miss out on some of the additional challenges that has made Dark Souls 3 one of the best entries in the franchise.

For those who want a bit of assistance in finding these optional bosses, Game Rant has provided this handy guide that explains where to find each enemy while also offering some brief pointers on how best to beat them. Obviously, there are massive spoilers ahead, so those who want to make their way through the fastest selling Dark Souls title on their own should likely not read any further.

Curse Rotted-Greatwood

dark souls 3 curse-rotted greatwood

To find what some fans have affectionately referred to as "that giant tree thing", gamers need to make their way to the large courtyard near the end of the Undead Settlement. The area where the Curse Rotted-Greatwood is waiting is pretty easy to spot, as it will have a bunch of violet flowers suddenly sprouting up all over the place to break up the doom and gloom that characterizes the series.

To beat the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, focus on the different egg sacs that are found on various parts of its body. Once they're all gone, attack its white hand whenever the chance arises, and the fight will be over relatively quickly. Defeating the Curse Rotted-Grewatood grants Dark Souls 3 players the Transposing Kiln, a useful special item that lets gamers transpose boss souls into special weapons and armor. It's a must-have item for completionists and players who want maximum customization control over their playstyle and character.

Old Demon King

dark souls 3 old demon king

Sometimes, it feels like From Software isn't really trying when it comes to naming bosses. Gamers looking to find the Old Demon King, who is in fact an old demon although his qualifications as king are suspect, will want to head to the Smouldering Lake. The Smouldering Lake is a secret area that can only be accessed by destroying the wooden bridge in the Catacombs of Carthus that leads to High Lord Wolnir.

The Old Demon King is weak to Black Knight weapons, and attacks with Fire damage, so gamers should be prepared to deal with both Fire and Poison/Toxic damage. Old Demon King is susceptible to toxic damage himself, however, and an easy method of putting him down is just to cast Toxic Mist on him roughly four times, dodging his attacks while the mist does its work. Beating the Old Demon King grants gamers the Soul of the Demon King.

Oceiros, the Consumed King

oceiros the consumed king dark souls 3

Ocerios, the Consumed King is a key part of getting one of the alternate Dark Souls 3 endings, and is really a mandatory boss for anyone who wants to achieve a better conclusion to the Dark Souls series. To find Oceiros, players will first have to defeat the Dancer of the Boreal Valley and collect the small basin she drops upon her defeat. Placing that basin on the statue in the room she's beaten in will trigger a ladder to descend, leading to two paths - taking the left leads gamers directly to Oceiros.

Sticking close to Oceiros' hind legs and being patient are the only two tools Dark Souls 3 players really need to beat this boss. Doing this will allow warriors to evade all of his attacks and chip away at him until he dies. Defeating this boss rewards gamers with the Soul of Consumed Oceiros.

Champion Gundyr

champion gundyr dark souls 3

Champion Gundyr is the uncorrupted version of Dark Souls 3's first boss, Iundex Gundyr, and is a great deal more difficult to slay. After defeating Oceiros, gamers must proceed down the hallway that opens up for them until reaching a dead end. Hitting the wall there will reveal a secret passage that leads to the Unintended Graves and to Champion Gundyr.

Defeating Champion Gundyr requires near-perfect timing, as his incredibly aggressive AI makes it likely players will be hit by him multiple times over the course of the fight and will have to heal during the small windows of time where it is safe to do so. Defeating Champion Gundyr rewards gamers with the Soul of Champion Gundyr.

Ancient Wyvern

dark souls 3 ancient wyvern

The Ancient Wyvern is found in the Archdragon Peak, a hidden area players can only access by using an emote gesture called the Path of the Dragon. That gesture is found on a corpse in a hallway near the area where gamers slew Oceiros, the Consumed King. After acquiring the gesture, players must then find a small Dragon statue in Irithyll Dungeon. Standing beside that statute and using the gesture will teleport players to Archdragon Peak, where the Ancient Wyvern awaits.

The Ancient Wyvern is weak to Lightning and Frost damage, but gamers willing to sprint through much of the location they find the Wyvern will be able to 1-shot kill it by dropping on top of its head and stabbing through it. Look for a broken bridge and wait for the Wyvern to be directly under it. Defeating the Ancient Wyvern rewards gamers with the Dragon Head Stone, which will allow Dark Souls 3 fans to transform into a dragon.

The Nameless King

dark souls 3 the nameless king

The Nameless King is also located on Archdragon Peak. Players must find a giant bell and pull the lever beside it, which will trigger a cutscene that then grants players access to the Nameless King.

The Nameless King is a very difficult boss fight, and there's no easy fix that makes it more simple. If players are able to wield the Dragonslayer Greatshield, that equipment makes the fight much easier in terms of survival, but it will still take a lot of skill to defeat the Nameless King. After he dies, he rewards players with the Soul of the Nameless King, which transposes into some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Well, Dark Souls 3 players - are you up for the challenge of all the optional bosses? Have you already found some of them on your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Dark Souls 3 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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