One fan of From Software’s latest entry in its notoriously difficult action-RPG franchise, Dark Souls 3, creates a mod adding a first-person mode to the game.

As some gaming fans may be aware, developer From Software’s first game was entitled King’s Field, and it contains elements reminiscent of the eerie medieval fantasy features found within Dark Souls 3, but instead of a third-person’s perspective, it was played through first-person view. Now, as she has done with the initial two entries in the franchise, modder Zulliethewitch has been able to convert the players’ perspectives within Dark Souls 3 to that of King’s Field‘s first-person view with a new mod.

Of course, since Dark Souls 3 was made to be played primarily from a third-person’s perspective, Zulliethewitch’s mod provides the game with some odd-looking animations once it’s applied. For instance, players’ hands float disconnectedly in front of them, as if weapons such as the Dark Sword exist independently of the main character’s body.

As seen below in the YouTuber Iron Pineapple’s preview of the Dark Souls 3 first-person mod, however, the game is surprisingly playable with Zulliethewitch’s mod installed, as the new perspective adds an amusing new dimension to the gameplay. Interestingly enough, in the video’s description, the YouTuber rather aptly compares the experience to that of the combat found in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Naturally, should fans wish to utilize this Dark Souls 3 mod, players must proceed with caution, for even though Zulliethewitch’s creation doesn’t actually modify game files, those using it are putting themselves at risk from being barred from playing online. After all, the release’s publisher, Bandai Namco has been banning folks left and right in an effort to stop hackers, but in the process, it has been punishing innocent players by prohibiting some people from experiencing gameplay when they only shared server space with those who have manipulated the game.

This isn’t the first time Dark Souls 3 has been taken on with a completely different view. While it wasn’t done with the use of mods, one fan actually made the game look like Diablo with a glitch that shifted the camera to a top-down perspective. Much like Zulliethwitch’s mod, the change resulted in actually making Dark Souls 3 seem like a new title entirely.

At any rate, if Zulliethewitch’s mod is an indication of anything, it’s that fans are always going to try and tackle the games they love with fresh ways to play them in order to increase the titles’ longevity. For example, one person recently attempted to make Dark Souls 3 even more difficult by only playing with the use of voice commands. Hopefully, modders like Zulliethewitch will keep coming up with inventive ideas in order to enhance or re-frame other titles in the future.

Dark Souls 3 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: (via Iron Pineapple – YouTube, Reddit)