Still looking for all of Dark Souls 3‘s hidden secrets? This checklist will help you find every important hidden item, gesture, miracle, ring, and more.

FromSoftware’s highly-anticipated Dark Souls 3 has been out in the West for a little over two weeks now and many players have begun to complete the game fully, including discovering all the secrets that the notoriously tricky title has to offer. However, as a game with very little direction, finding every hidden item in the kingdom of Lothric is incredibly tasking for the less experienced Souls fans.

For those who want to get the most out of their Dark Souls 3 experience, a checklist has been created to guide players to completing every NPC quest, as well as allowing them to find all the valuable items that they may miss along their adventure. The list can be found here and will take gamers all the way from the Cemetery of Ash to the Kiln of the First Flame. Players who are going for 100% completion of the game and want to acquire every gesture, sorcery, pyromancy, ring, and miracle are also in luck because the guide contains details about where to find each one, as well as informing players of the requirements to collect it.

Dark Souls 3 Secret Transformation

The checklist also has a section dedicated to weapons and armor, listing every known item for players to mark off when they’ve found it. This section does not contain locations or instructions but instead link to the respective Dark Souls wiki page which often contains a ‘Where To Find’ heading. The site claims we have GameFAQs user DeathGodGarra to thank for this guidance, due to his 14-part guide that was posted online last week.

For players seeking even more guidance, one dedicated YouTuber has started a series that reveals a number of practical tips and tricks to aid gamers in their quest to defeat the Lords of Cinder. The first video in the series is worth checking out, especially if you were wondering how exactly to use the Young White Branch item to hide from enemies. For guidance on the game’s tough boss fights, we have a number of articles readily available to help you in your fight, including the most recent Dancer of the Boreal Valley boss guide.

Despite the amount of help that many players require to help finish the title, Dark Souls 3 has been hugely successful for developers FromSoftware and has already surpassed sales expectations, proving that its difficulty level has not turned off potential buyers. Now being named as Bandai Namco’s best-selling game of all time, players are already impatiently waiting for the title’s first DLC to drop.

Dark Souls 3 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.