Dark Souls III players keep coming up with interesting ways to beat the already difficult game, but the latest “feat” accomplished by a YouTuber might top them all.

Dark Souls III is the kind of rage-inducing game that leads to high blood pressure and smashed controllers. It’s extremely difficult by design, which means plenty of players may never make it through the entire game. But for a select group of gamers, it’s not hard enough.

For some, the only way to play Dark Souls III is to make an already challenging game even more difficult. Last month, there was the gamer who managed to beat the title in one hour for a new world record. There’s also a Twitch streamer attempting to beat the game without taking any damage. Oh, and let’s not forget the guy who took down one of the hardest bosses in just one hit.

And now, there’s a gamer who decided to beat the game using only his feet.

Gamespot has the report on YouTuber Celesterian Games, who recorded himself playing the game to prove that he took out every Dark Souls III boss while stepping all over his PlayStation 4 controller.

As Gamespot notes, it’s not entirely clear how Celesterian pulls it off, as the viewer never gets a close up of the controller itself until the final boss falls. But the video, which you can view below, does indeed show the man taking out Dark Souls III‘s final bosses while sitting in a chair with his feet and a controller on the floor.

It should be noted that there are some skeptics, both in the comments on Gamespot and on the YouTube video itself. It theoretically would be possible to sync up video of the game being played normally with the video of Celesterian sitting in the chair, followed by a crafty edit at the end of the game when he goes to show the controller up close. But a quick glance at the Celesterian Games channel shows that he has dedicated quite a bit of time to beating Dark Souls and other difficult titles in unique ways, so he should probably get the benefit of the doubt.

Regardless of what you believe, it’s likely there will be even more gamers attempting unique ways to beat Dark Souls III in the months to come, like the player who beat the title without rolling, blocking, parrying or leveling up.  Maybe there will even be a repeat performance from the man who beat the original Dark Souls using only his voice.

For anyone interested in what the game is like when played normally, you should know that it’s definitely worth your time. Game Rant’s Denny Connolly gave it four out of five stars in our Dark Souls III review.  Publisher Bandai Namco announced last month the game has sold more than 3 million copies.

Dark Souls III is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot