Dark Souls 3 Players are Using Giant Doors to Troll in PvP

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Dark Souls 3 player and YouTuber Iron Pineapple is known for trolling other players in creative ways in the game's PvP mode, and the new Ringed City DLC gives him even more options to play with. As it turns out, The Ringed City DLC adds a ridiculous new shield called The Great Door Shield, which is so large that it makes it virtually impossible to hit anyone using it effectively, especially if two players are using the shield in tandem.

That's exactly what Iron Pineapple did with his friend in Dark Souls 3. The two of them decided to corner other players with The Great Door Shield equipped, trapping them in small rooms or beating them to death with the shields. Due to how obnoxiously large the shields are, fellow online players found that trying to fight back was futile, leading to some hilarious moments.

As can be seen in the video below, The Great Door Shield offers some of the best defense in all of Dark Souls 3. However, it may be a little too effective, especially if it can be used to troll other players in PvP so easily. Considering this, it's possible that From Software may tweak the shields in a patch to make them a little easier to break through for other players.

Then again, trolling other people online in Dark Souls 3 is a natural part of the experience. Dark Souls games have built a reputation on being highly difficult titles, and that intense level of difficulty has always been enhanced by encountering other players online. Anyone playing a Dark Souls game online knows that encountering trolls like this is just part of the game, like the bridge troll that baited players onto a collapsing bridge, for instance.

Trolling other players online is practically one of the franchise's main features. For those that haven't played Dark Souls, the games allow players to leave notes to be found by others online. These notes can be helpful by warning players of impending danger or pointing them to some hidden loot. Other times, people leave notes to trick other players into walking right into a trap or a particularly difficult enemy encounter.

Since trolling other players seems to be encouraged in Dark Souls 3, it's possible From Software will keep The Great Door Shield exactly the same. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see what else Iron Pineapple will think of to troll players in the game now that he has The Great Door Shield and Shrek videos under his belt.

Dark Souls 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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