A YouTuber discovers reference to second DLC for Dark Souls 3  in the game’s files, which hints that the new content may play out in the ‘city of the dead.’

While digging around the code of Dark Souls 3, a YouTube vlogger by the name of Sanadsk found a few clues hinting at the name and location of the next DLC for the hard-core game. This content would be the second, and last, pack for the medieval hack ‘n slash after Ashes of Ariandel was released a few months ago.

So far, developer From Software has given away precious little information on the new DLC for their 2016 hit, but Sanadsk, whose channel is almost exclusively dedicated to From Software’s range of games, trawled through Dark Souls 3‘s files to find several references to “DLC 2” as well as the term “Miyako no Mouja.” This Japanese term very roughly translates to “the city of the dead” and is a direct reference to an in-game location.

The title The City of the Dead likely refers to the in-game, but yet unvisited, location of Londor, home of assassins and hollow people. According to Sanadsk, this would explain how some weapons, currently only obtainable through hacks, have a Londor look to them. These swords would likely have been planned as part of the new DLC right from the start of development and would be available for players to wield after release of the new content.

Londor would be a pretty interesting location to take the Dark Souls series: players have met a few NPCs as well as a host of enemies from that city and it’s dreaded Sable Church. Exploring it further and discovering more about its backstory, as well as finding out why everyone there is hollow and can drain life, would likely add a serious challenge to a game that’s so hard 10 percent of players have not even made it to Dark Souls 3‘s first save point.

After all, that’s an important part of why the whole series has become so popular: Dark Souls 3 difficulty is so legendary (few games need a guide just to beat the first of many bosses), that the bragging rights alone are reason to beat it. The new DLC would likely be just as brutal as Ashes of Ariandel and the core game, though hopefully will be a bit longer as some players managed to finish the first content pack in just a few hours.

Though From Software has yet to confirm or deny any of the speculation surrounding The City of the Dead, fans are likely already preparing their arms and armor and getting some practice in to make sure they “git gud” enough to tackle any new DLC the developer releases.

Dark Souls 3 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.