Dark Souls 3 Player Hides from Invaders With Ingenious NPC Disguise


A Dark Souls 3 player uses an ingenious disguise to prove that brains can be better than brawn, allowing the user to cleverly hide in plain sight from an invading player.

Dark Souls 3, the latest, record breaking addition to the Dark Souls franchise, is a game that has always been defined by its incredible difficulty, while still managing to be entertaining. Not only is the game’s single player punishing to newcomers, the game’s invasion feature, where users can invade each other's worlds for PvP combat, can be extremely frustrating for low-level players. In the past, players have come up with some pretty inventive ways survive an invasion, but a Dark Souls 3 player recently came up with a way to hide in plain sight.

The invasion feature of Dark Souls 3 has been the subject of some criticism, with certain players hacking the system to give their character game-breaking advantages, such as turning their character into a flying archer. Bandai Namco hasn’t done itself any favors in quelling its customers anger over the rampant hacking, as its attempt to police the online portion of the game led to many innocent players being banned for cheating simply because they had been invaded by a hacker.

One Dark Souls 3 player may have discovered a way to avoid invasions entirely, and in a clever and funny way. Dark Souls 3 player and YouTuber, The Zexster, recently posted a video where his character was completely ignored by the invading player – all by simply dressing and acting like an NPC.


The video shows The Zexster’s character sitting motionless, and dressed in dirty rags as the invader enters and begins running back and forth in search of the YouTuber who is only feet away. The Zexster eventually starts upping the ante by walking in front of the invader, engaging in combat with NPC enemies, and finally lighting his weapons on fire in full view of the invader. But nothing seems to draw the attention of the clueless invader, who eventually quits the game out of frustration.

This is a handy trick for lower level players to use when trying to avoid fighting a higher level invader.  This isn’t the first time Dark Souls players have used clever tactics to get the better of opposing users, as the game’s steep difficulty curve has forced players to become inventive out of necessity. Whether it’s ambushing with overwhelming numbers in Dark Souls or baiting them into a clever trap, there’s no end to the ingenuity of some players when it comes to the PvP matches.

If there are there any other clever/cool/funny Dark Souls 3 tricks that players have discovered, put it in the comments.

Dark Souls 3 is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: YouTube

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