One crustacean lover and Dark Souls 3 player uses mods to inexplicably replace all of the textures within From Software’s latest action-RPG with crabs.

While there are some Dark Souls 3 fans who are on a mission to “git gud,” like the player who recently beat the game and took no hits, there are others with wildly different goals in mind. Take for instance the modder and YouTuber known as Limit Breakers who recently took it upon themselves to tinker with the visuals of Dark Souls 3 in order to replace every single texture in the title with pictures of crabs for some reason or another.

Sure, the modding community is known for making oddities every now and again, like with Skyrim‘s Macho Man mod, which found its way into Fallout 4, but one could argue that Limit Breakers’ decision to alter Dark Souls 3 just so all its textures render the same stock image of a crab is the most ludicrous fan-made creation yet. Using the iGP11 mod by S17L to replace in-game textures, the YouTuber could have gone with literally any other idea imaginable, but based on some strange rationale, Limit Breakers went all-in with crabs.

As seen in the crustacean-heavy Dark Souls 3 video below, crabs can be found in practically every nook and cranny of From Software’s latest action-RPG. There’s one on the player’s shield, one standing in for the sun in the sky, and there are even crabs taking up space in the HUD. Speaking of which, the only thing that is essentially crab-less is the text for the in-game menus, which are practically illegible thanks to the decapod invasion.

Limit Breakers’ fever dream of a mod gets meta quickly, as the crustacean textures wrap themselves around one of Dark Souls 3‘s actual Great Crab enemies. As a matter of fact, the monster seems to react positively to its crab-infested environment by drawing on the energy of its brethren in order to decimate the YouTuber’s character during the battle.

Interestingly enough, Limit Breakers isn’t the first Dark Souls 3 players to have crabs on the brain while playing the game. As it happens, several months ago, one fan wanted to see what would happen after leading a tiny crab from the Catacombs of Carthus to the Smouldering Lake, hoping to discover a secret.

Although Limit Breakers is easily the one player who has manufactured the most bizarre experience in their interaction with Dark Souls 3, some fans are not too far behind. For instance, the YouTuber ATwerkinYoshi used only a dance pad as a controller to beat the game in 44 hours and 26 minutes after having died a total of 350 times. Taking into account the amount deaths the YouTuber incurred, that would be enough to make anyone crabby after a while.

Dark Souls 3 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Limit Breakers – YouTube