Dark Souls 3 Player is Beating Bosses Using...Bananas?

Dark Souls 3 banana controller

A Dark Souls 3 player is attempting to beat the game's bosses using bananas as controllers. This is not the first time that fans of the famously difficult game have attempted to play it using unorthodox methods as the same player managed to beat the game using Donkey Kong bongos only.

The bizarre method of play was pulled off by Twitch streamer TheSuperScrubs and documented on Twitter. The fruity controller schemes uses the Makey Makey system and 10 bananas in total, with each one standing in for a mouse or keyboard input (including the WASD keyboard keys, the left and right mouse clicks and the rolling wheel). Excluding the price of a bunch of bananas (or two) the parts required for the inputs are only said to have totalled a few dollars altogether.

Somewhat surprisingly, TheSuperScrubs' Dark Souls 3 banana run only led to 16 deaths overall, if the Twitter video is to be believed. Given that players using traditional controllers have been known to resort to guides just to beat the game, it's fairly unbelievable that the banana way of playing has led to so few deaths. As expected, some viewers on social media have raised their eyebrows at this, unconvinced that someone could really be that good at the game.

What viewers are less surprised about, however, is that someone would play Dark Souls 3 in such a weird way or that someone would try and play a game with bananas. Odd Dark Souls controllers have been a tradition since the series began; one person played Dark Souls 3 with their feet and people have also played earlier games using dance mats. Outside of the Dark Souls fandom, meanwhile, an Overwatch player used bananas to play as banana-loving primate Winston.

Although these controller tweaks are nothing new, it seems likely that more and more fans will try their hand at crafting more Makey Makey rigs in future. Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki recently confirmed that the Dark Souls series is done for now, meaning that if players want to keep feeling challenged by the series, in the absence of new content, putting together strange controller figurations is more or less the only way that this will happen

Dark Souls 3 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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