If you think Dark Souls 3 was easy, maybe you should follow in this player’s footsteps and beat the game without rolling, parrying, blocking or leveling up.

Less than a month since the game’s Western release, one talented individual has managed to beat every boss in the notoriously difficult Dark Souls 3 without the use of rolling, blocking or parrying – and this was all done at level 1.

YouTuber and hardcore Dark Souls fan TolomeoR set out to complete the game by combining the fairly common challenge modifiers, into one incredibly hard run. During many of his videos, he claims to also be on NG+7, meaning that the YouTuber has already completed the game a number of times, each with scaling difficulty. You can check out his latest upload, the Soul of Cinder boss fight below. TolomeoR claims that this is the hardest fight he has ever done.

In order to beat the nearly impossible challenge, the Dark Souls veteran began with the broadsword and didn’t change his weapon until defeating Champion Gundyr. At that point, he switched out the starting sword for Astora’s Straight Sword which he used thanks to the Priestess Ring. He also made use of the Cloranthy, Lloyd’s, and Flynn’s rings to make the most of his limited build.

According to TolomeoR, the run took about 50-60 hours total, a time that puts some regular players to shame. The Souls of Cinder boss fight was the most challenging part of the run, which the player claims took a solid 15 hours of attempting before he was able to beat it. In his YouTube uploads, he has footage of every boss fight, but while he makes them look easy, any Dark Souls player will see that he’s actually displaying a tremnedous amount of skill.

The successful streamer isn’t the only one out to beat the game in a variety of challenging ways, and recently one player began his run to beat Dark Souls 3 without taking a hit. While this may seem insane, it should be noted that the Twitch streamer, The_Happy_Hobbit, is the same player that completed the first Dark Souls with no damage, meaning that his achievement would not be unprecedented.

Another talented individual set out to beat one of the game’s most challenging boss fights, the one against Pontiff Sulyvahn, in just one hit. For those of you who aren’t quite at the level of taking down bosses with ease, we’ve got a range of guides available to help you in your quest, including the aforementioned ally of Aldrich. In the meantime, stay tuned for more Dark Souls news which is sure to come in the near future, judging by FromSoftware’s incredibly skilled and dedicated fan base.

Dark Souls 3 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.