A dedicated Twitch streamer by the name of The Happy Hobbit attempts to beat Dark Souls 3 and all of the game’s optional bosses without ever taking damage.

As is the case with other entries in the franchise, Dark Souls III has a reputation of being a tough-as-nails game designed to push players to their limits. This reputation seems to inspire people to conquer games in the series in odd or extra-difficult ways, and Dark Souls III is getting the same treatment, as a player is trying to beat the entire game without getting hit.

Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hobbit is no stranger to this type of challenge. In fact, he beat the first Dark Souls without getting hit, so if anyone can complete Dark Souls III without taking damage, it’s him. Not content on just getting to the end of the game, however, The Happy Hobbit is also making it a point to defeat all of Dark Souls III‘s optional bosses during his no-hit run as well.

The Happy Hobbit has been at this endeavor for about a month now, and has gotten close a couple of times. It seems as though Dark Souls III is proving to be an even greater challenge than the first game was when it comes to completing a no-hit run, but The Happy Hobbit probably won’t stop until he is successful.

See The Happy Hobbit’s latest attempt at this mind-boggling feat right here:

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With tough bosses like The Nameless King and Pontiff Sulyvahn, completing Dark Souls III without ever getting hit is no joke. The Happy Hobbit will likely be the only Dark Souls III player to ever accomplish this, and it will make for an exciting Twitch stream whenever he does wind up being successful.

While we wait for The Happy Hobbit to complete his no-hit run of Dark Souls III, it will be interesting to see what crazy conditions other players try to beat the game under. So far, there haven’t been a lot of quirky Dark Souls III runs just yet, but one player did manage to set a world record by beating Dark Souls III in just over an hour.

At this rate it would be surprising to see videos of players going through Dark Souls III with weird controllers – or maybe even blindfolded. There may even be a sequel to Twitch Plays Dark Souls at one point, with the Twitch community attempting to complete the ultra-difficult Dark Souls III this time.

At any rate, The Happy Hobbit is sure to make headlines when he meets his goal of beating Dark Souls III without taking any hits. If he is successful here, maybe he will try no-hit runs of other notoriously difficult games, like the Dark Souls predecessor Demon’s Souls, for example.

Dark Souls III is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Happy Hobbit