One extremely skillful Dark Souls 3 player finishes From Software’s notoriously difficult action-RPG without taking a single hit from the game’s enemies.

As many gaming fans are probably aware at this point, Dark Souls 3 and its predecessors in From Software’s trilogy of twisted medieval fantasy titles are infamous for testing players’ skills and the boundaries of their wills. While a lot of folks have gone on to beat Dark Souls 3 after its launch earlier this year, few have been able to do so in a manner quite like Twitch streamer FaraazKhan, who took on the action-RPG and came away victorious without taking a single hit from an enemy in the process.

Not only did FaraazKhan manage to pull off what many consider to be nearly impossible—Twitch streamer The Happy Hobbit once tried beating it without getting hit, yet to no avail—but also he did so by setting some self-imposed limitations on what kind of combat he would engage in, by not using any magic, never using a bow once, and not relying on a shield for defense. This means that the Dark Souls 3 player took on all of the game’s enemies and unavoidable boss battles with determined melee action filled with well-timed hits, dodges, and rolls.

As seen in the video below, though, occasionally FaraazKhan would avoid engaging in a conflict altogether by running past a lot of enemies just so he wouldn’t have to worry about taking damage during the playthrough. Not to mention, he also tosses out an Alluring Skull every now and again to distract the bad guys, and even wisely bails on some boss fights when the going is getting rougher than he expected it would.

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After spending a little over two hours to accomplish his task of beating Dark Souls 3 without getting hit, FaraazKhan claims that he might post footage of him tackling a much more difficult feat sometime in the future. As it happens, the Twitch streamer admitted that he has his eyes set on a greater challenge of taking down the all of the game’s bosses without receiving a hit.

Of course, FaraazKhan isn’t the only Dark Souls 3 player to defeat From Software’s latest action-RPG in an impressive way. Just a couple of weeks ago, one fan managed to beat the game using a dance pad. Then there was one gamer who has padded his way into the pantheon of some of the best to ever play the title, as he completed it using his feet.

Nevertheless, the bar of finishing Dark Souls 3 with restrictions has been set ridiculously high by one Dark Souls 3 fan who conquered the action-RPG with no rolling, blocking, or parrying at level one. With this being the case, perhaps FaraazKhan might want to set some more limitations on his next no-hit run against the game’s bosses by attempting to take zero damage while playing with the use of voice commands.

Dark Souls 3 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: FaraazKhan – Twitch (via Polygon, Reddit)