Dark Souls 3 Player Beats All Bosses and DLC Without Getting Hit

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It may have taken a little bit, but finally Dark Souls 3 has been conquered in its entirety. The first player to no hit every boss in the entire game, and both of its DLC expansions, has arisen, and his name is Squillakilla.

Although challenge runners continually find new ways to test the limits of Dark Souls 3, the All Boss no hit run was one of the last major challenges left. Some had gotten close, but it was Squillakilla that was able to complete a clean run, which can be seen below.

While this may not be the first no hit run in Dark Souls 3, it is easily the most impressive. Having to take on all of the game’s bosses, including the very challenging and occasionally random DLC bosses, is no easy feat with healing items, but besting them without ever taking a hit is on a different level. But eventually the no hit runners develop strategies and tactics for each boss, and some of them even start to look easy. Of course, there is some luck (and RNG) involved, but there is still a consistency to each run.

For any that have never seen a Dark Souls no hit run before, it’s important to point out a few things. Environmental damage and fall damage do not count towards the no hit record; in fact, most no hit runners take fall damage on purpose in order to activate the Red Tearstone Ring’s buff (20% extra damage when below a certain health threshold).

The other major element is the setup for these runs, which can take time and some item collection. Since this is not a speed run, the player can collect certain items to boost their effectiveness in boss fights, like the aforementioned Red Tearstone Ring.

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As someone who has followed the no hit runners for a while, it was plain to see that the world record was within reach. Three streamers in particular, Squillakilla, Faraazkhan, and relative newcomer davidtankre all had personal bests of 1 or 2 hits. In fact, some would argue that if it wasn’t for davidtankre, the no hit run might not have happened, as he developed a new strategy that uses the Sellsword Twinblades.

What’s cool about an accomplishment like this is that it stays a record forever. Where speedrunners are constantly trying to improve their times and protect their records from challengers, Squillakilla will always be World First. So congrats to him on a really impressive accomplishment.

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