The Dark Souls 2 community is hosting an event to bring back players and reinvigorate the multiplayer scene. “Return to Drangleic” begins today, lasting through the week and ending when players finish their playthroughs or grow tired of playing more Dark Souls 2. It’s the perfect opportunity for players who missed the initial rush of multiplayer activity at the game’s launch to experience what Dark Souls 2 is like with active servers.

Joining the event is as easy as creating a new character in Dark Souls 2 and ensuring you’re connected to the online servers. Then just play through the game, participating in as much co-op and PvP as seems interesting. There are additional recommended steps, however, for those who want to make the most of the event. The Dark Souls community has come up with a few tricks that will make everyone’s playthrough feel more interconnected, and easier for other players to jump in to play.

Here are those additional steps to take while playing through Dark Souls 2:

  • Use the Name Engraved Ring for co-op after the Last Giant and choose Kremmel, God of Struggle.
  • Leave a message that says ‘Don’t give up, skeleton!’ by the Majula bonfire.
  • Be generous with rating the messages you come across in-game.

The only other detail to take note before playing is that it’s recommended you play the Scholar of the First Sin version of Dark Souls 2. If you don’t have this version of the game, don’t worry: You’ll still be matched with other players also running the vanilla version of the game and can enjoy the event.

Dark Souls 2 Return to Drangleic Community Event

Obviously coordinating an event like this within a Dark Souls title isn’t as easy as it may seem; the game is intentionally built to make multiplayer somewhat of a challenge to participate in. Yet with a large number of players all trying to do multiplayer at the same time, it makes for quick co-op summons, PvP invasions occurring more often, and more PvP in general. And even if PvP and co-op don’t interest a player, the game will still feel more alive due to the increase of messages from other players — not to mention the larger quantity of blood pools.

The Name Engraved Ring item should be of particular interest to most players, as it puts players with the same god in the same multiplayer “group.” That means you’ll be matched more frequently with other Dark Souls 2 players participating in this event specifically. It also increases the “Soul Memory” range for co-op, allowing for groupings with a wider range of players than normal.

Consider checking out the Return to Drangleic event this weekend. It’s a great way to keep busy in-between playing Nioh and waiting for whatever project From Software’s working on next.

Dark Souls 2 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The Scholar of the First Sin version of the game was released on April 7 in 2015.