From Software’s “Souls” franchise has always been an intriguing one for gamers, especially for those brave enough to play them! That’s what makes these new Dark Souls 2 details so exciting – it’s just more of what players love.

Featured in this month’s EDGE magazine, From Software has blown the lid off their upcoming action RPG. As we previously reported, series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki will not be as involved with the sequel, this time acting as a supervisor. His main goal is to have Dark Souls 2 release in a timely manner. He has also advocated for the return to dedicated servers, which were present in Demon’s Souls but not Dark Souls. However, though dedicated servers offer a more stable online experience, they do cost quite a bit to maintain.

Miyazaki’s successors, Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura From Software employees, who have directed the developer’s Another Century Episode series. Both From Software and Namco Bandai felt it was appropriate to replace Miyazaki, as this would allow for a new and fresh perspective for the sequel. Though gamers would likely expect Miyazaki to be against the decision, EDGE reports that he is working on another game, though just exactly what it is has yet to be revealed.

Dark Souls 2 Might Not Make 2013

EDGE was shown a 10-minute preview of the game, and according to NeoGAF, the publication has deemed Dark Souls 2‘s graphics to be on par with (potential) next-gen titles like Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313. The game is roughly 25% done, though it may end up missing its 2013 release. With next-gen rumors suggesting a 2013 launch for the Xbox 720 and/or PS4, we have to wonder how the publisher will time the game’s release against a potential increase in new IPs.

Plenty of gameplay details have been revealed as well. From Software is looking into player-controlled vehicular gameplay, such as the use of boats or chariots. There will be a morality system in Dark Souls 2, with an executioner NPC set to quell evil doers. There’s also a mad-scientist like NPC who fuses monsters together, creating even more vile creatures.

The game’s story will also be less subtle, though gamers can still miss certain story elements. The game itself will take place in a whole new world. The name of the world has not been revealed, as it is key to the game’s story. Fans can expect similarly sized environments, though packed with more content. That probably means more things to kill you.

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Source: NeoGAF