In a surprise update to the Japanese release of Pokken Tournament, a brand-new version of iconic Pokemon Mewtwo appears as a secret boss in an Extra Battle mode.

Mewtwo, perhaps one of the most recognizable characters from the Pokemon series, has now appeared in a special form in the fighting game, Pokken Tournament. Nintendo and Bandai Namco appear to have updated the game in secret, adding Mewtwo as a special boss in a final Extra Battle mode.

The most interesting thing about Pokken Tournament‘s incarnation of Mewtwo is that he appears in a completely brand-new form. Described as a “black Pokemon” in the original Japanese dialogue, Dark Mewtwo appears more menacing than usual, and provides quite the challenge to gamers who weren’t expecting it.

Dark Mewtwo initially appears in-game as a darker-colored variant of his normal appearance, with a strange crystal-like object embedded in his left shoulder. However, he quickly morphs into his Mega form, turning into a serious contender in the fighting game. In the video below, the player attempts to take it on as Gengar, who pummels it with attacks relentlessly. While Mewtwo simply shields itself for the first few onslaughts, once his health is taken down a notch, he retaliates, quickly destroying half of the Gengar’s health. The player is able to turn it around, defeating Mewtwo with a special Gengar attack. Mewtwo subsequently reverts back to its standard Dark Mewtwo form, and retreats.

Mewtwo has already received two different Mega forms, and appeared as DLC in Super Smash Bros. However, this new form is unique, and one wonders if Dark Mewtwo will make an appearance in official Pokemon games, or if it’s unique to Pokken Tournament. While it’s too early to say for sure, it’s possible that the Dark Mewtwo form may appear in an upcoming Pokemon title, like the rumored Pokemon Z.

There’s also the question of what the crystal embedded in his shoulder is. While it’s possible that it’s a unique mega stone for Dark Mewtwo, the fact that it looks like it’s been implanted into the Pokemon is interesting. Of course, considering that Mewtwo was created by scientists in its original in-game canon, it’s possible that there will be a new story with Pokemon scientists tinkering with Mewtwo even further, resulting in a Dark Mewtwo.

With any luck, Dark Mewtwo will be included when Pokken Tournament makes its way to the Wii U in 2016. While the Wii U has struggled to move units, a new take on Pokemon may be just what the console needs to become more of a success.

Pokken Tournament releases in Spring of 2016 exclusively for the Wii U.

Source: YouTube