UK Retailer List Outs 'Dark Knight Rises' Game, 'GTA 5' Release Window

Dark Knight Rises Game In Development

Though there are a lot of high profile titles already in development for release later this year, there still exists the assumption that a few titles have yet to reveal themselves. And furthermore, there are still a handful of popular entries in popular franchises that have yet to receive release windows, let alone release dates.

According to a new UK release list obtained from the retailer High Street, however, we might just have learned when Grand Theft Auto 5 could be releasing. Before now, it was assumed that GTA 5 would be targeting a May release — a typical month of domination for Rockstar Games — but after not hearing much more about the game, and Max Payne 3 being delayed until then, that seemed unlikely.

Now, according to MCV (who obtained the list), it looks like Grand Theft Auto 5 will be releasing some time during autumn. By our calendars that section of the year is a little crowded, with Bioshock: Infinite announcing an October release date just recently, but if they release early enough Rockstar could kick off the fall games season.

Also "revealed" by the list is a game called Battlefield Evolved. There's no information beyond that, but MCV seems to believe this might be a Game of the Year edition of Battlefield 3 — something with all the DLC packaged in. EA has already said that Battlefield will not become an annual franchise like Call of Duty -- it's probably going to trade off years with Medal of Honor if Warfighter is a success -- and so a full release seems unlikely.

What seemed really unlikely, but according to this list might be happening, is a game that would tie in with The Dark Knight Rises. Though Batman Begins had its own terrible tie-in, after Christopher Nolan knocked it out of the park with Dark Knight and Rocksteady blew fans away with Arkham Asylum, we figured that the Batman movie tie-ins were dead. Rocksteady can't possibly be working on this game, which leaves it open to the curse of poorly received movie tie-in games.

Though these three new reveals might all sound interesting and believable, it's best not to accept them as fact just yet. We're still pretty early on in the year, leaving plenty of time for developers to announce their release dates and their new projects.

Would you be interested in a Dark Knight Rises game that isn't developed by Rocksteady? When do you think that Grand Theft Auto 5 will release?

Source: MCV

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