Dark Horse may not be as big a publisher as Marvel or DC, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t pump out some quality comic-based products. Dark House is responsible for comics such as Hellboy and a plethora of Star Wars titles, but they’re also the publishers of the popular Mass Effect comic book lineup. Fans of comics and Mass Effect alike can now receive the entire series of Mass Effect comics for free — but they’ll have to hurry if they want to capitalize on the stellar deal.

No, it isn’t a comic con (pun heavily intended), all of the Mass Effect comics are available via Dark Horse’s digital comic store. The comics have been given a 100% price drop as a semi-promotion for the upcoming Dark Horse/BioWare panel at this year’s Comic-Con, but anyone looking to stock up on free comics better act fast because the comics will once again cost a fee after 3pm EST.

Of course, that’s not all comic-goers have to look forward to, because a sneak peak of the upcoming Mass Effect 3 comic book Mass Effect: Invasion. The preview is a mouth-watering seven pages long, and should help tide fans over until the Comic-Con panel is over and done with. This sneak preview is also free, but will disappear once the promotion has ended later today.

[Click here to go the the Dark Horse’s digital service, but the server is getting a little overwhelmed so keep updated and find more info here.]

As a cause of the recent surge in activity over at Dark Horse, anyone who accesses the site may notice a bit of lag. If comic connoisseurs manage to overcome the mild inconvenience then they will be rewarded with a handful of digital comics. There is a Dark Horse app available for the iPhone and iPad, which means that anyone who claims all of the free Mass Effect goodness will be able to read through them while on the toilet if they feel so inclined.

The digital giveaway is in all seriousness a fantastic gift to fans of the Mass Effect franchise, and it should help tide fans over until BioWare and EA release more information on that Mass Effect 3 demo.

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Source: Dark Horse