A leaked video confirms that the original PlayStation 2 Dark Cloud game is making its way to the PlayStation 4 via the system’s new PS2 emulation functionality.

With The Game Awards 2015 behind us, the next big gaming event takes place tomorrow in the form of the PlayStation Experience. Sony fans have been speculating about what to expect from the Saturday morning keynote address these past few weeks, but it looks like one surprise has leaked ahead of time. And that surprise comes in the form of the original Dark Cloud making its way to the PS4.

This news comes from a leaked video, which has since been removed, but some screen captures by quick-thinking fans have divulged plenty of information about Dark Cloud on PS4. As it turns out, Dark Cloud for the PS4 won’t be a simple port of the PS2 original, but rather, it will boast some new features.

For starters, Dark Cloud on PS4 will have 1080p graphics along with trophy support. The PS4’s Share Play and Remote Play functionality will also be available, meaning that players can play Dark Cloud on their PS Vita as well. There will also be second screen support for game manuals, which can be viewed on mobile devices and the PS Vita through the dedicated PlayStation App.

Dark Cloud PS4 Emulation Confirmed By Leak - Dark Cloud PS4 screen grab

The description for the pulled Dark Cloud video also clarified how exactly PS2 emulation will work on the PS4. As many expected, it won’t be full backward compatibility, as PS2 discs will not work in the PS4. Rather, players will have to purchase (or re-purchase, in some cases) the game for their PS4. Furthermore, it also appears that PS2 and PS1 Classics are not compatible with the PS4 at all, so any who bought a PS2 Classic for their PS3 and are hoping to download it again on PS4 are out of luck.

It seems as though the extra features, such as upscaled graphics and trophy support, are likely an attempt by Sony to help justify the price to consumers. After all, there are those out there that have quite an extensive collection of PS2 games, and Sony will need to make the argument as to why these people should buy the games again for PS4.

Overall, this Dark Cloud leak offers some insight into how Sony is handling PS2 emulation on the PlayStation 4, but not enough to make a full judgment. It’s likely that the company will speak more about it tomorrow during the PlayStation Experience keynote address, so PlayStation fans should be sure to tune in to see Dark Cloud and possibly Dark Cloud 2 as well as other PS2 games running with renewed life on the PlayStation 4.

Dark Cloud for PlayStation 4 currently has no release date, let alone official confirmation of its existence.

Source: VG 24/7