After Saints Row: The Third ostensibly saved THQ from a 2011 that it would like to forget, it’s a no-brainer that more installments in Volition‘s franchise are on the way. THQ’s Danny Bilson, in talking about pre-E3 festivities, shared some of what he has seen of Saints Row 4, namely in what direction the franchise is headed.

Unfortunately, just recently it was revealed that Bilson was out as CEO of THQ and Jason Rubin (formerly of Naughty Dog) was in. Nonetheless his comments about Saints Row 4 should still be valid.

While we’re still at least a year away from any substantial news regarding Saints Row 4, Bilson shed a tiny bit of light on the project and what gamers can expect. Saints Row: The Third, for all of its over-the-top charm and wit was largely considered to have a narrow appeal. Sure, at its core it was a more extreme version of Grand Theft Auto, but its sense of humor was not very broad.

Saints Row 4, on the other hand, will have a larger point of view and will apparently be more approachable. It was revealed earlier this year that THQ plans to position some of their franchises, like Saints Row, at the forefront of their catalogue and are therefore looking for even greater success out of these titles.

“There’s a lot of new characters and new points of view in the game. I can’t say much or I’ll get killed. But I actually think it’ll have an even broader appeal than the last one, based on the content. I’m sure we’re a year away from really talking about it, probably.”

Fans of the Saints Row franchise needn’t wait until 2013 to see more, however, as a new standalone expansion has been announced for the game. Titled Enter the Dominatrix, this new side story set in the Saints Row: The Third universe doesn’t require copies of the main game and is set for release later this year.

As for Saints Row 4, we hope that THQ is able to find a balance between the balls-to-the-wall action of Saints Row: The Third and a more approachable form of storytelling and humor. If they can do that and improve the frame rate we could have a serious contender on our hands.

Would you be interested in a Saints Row 4 that is tailored towards a broader audience? Are you looking forward to checking out Enter the Dominatrix?

Source: Eurogamer