Bye Bye Birdie: Three Fields Entertainment releases a video of its upcoming explosive arcade title, Dangerous Golf, which lets players reap explosive havoc.

The demographic of people who love destroying things and those who enjoy golfing may be an unknown quantity, but Three Fields Entertainment is hoping to grab their attention with its latest video for Dangerous Golf. The developer announced the title just three short months ago, but had refrained from releasing any significant video footage of the game until now. With the game’s release date now less than a month away, it’s certainly due time that gamers are able to check out what Dangerous Golf has to offer.

Three Fields Entertainment has ample experience in letting players craft up their own brand of carnage, as the studio behind the game is comprised almost entirely out of former Burnout developers. Entries to the racing series prior to Burnout Paradise had a then series-staple minigame called crash mode, which let players attempt to cause maximal damage in a pre-set scenario. It’s not hard to find similarities mirrored between the old car-based destruction system and the new golf-based challenges, which have players smashing up locations like an actual Fine China Shop or an explosive gas station – in general, places you don’t expect to find golf balls flying around.

Here’s the new trailer, which is only NSFW if you happen to be in the kitchen pictured below:

Despite the restaurant featuring some suspiciously bouncy plates, the rest of the kitchen ensemble had no problem breaking into realistic pieces, and by the end of the trailer enough cheese was caked into the walls to pique our interest. The beautiful graphics powering the calamitous golf simulator can’t be denied, and we suspect many gamers may build an interest in the game out of sheer destructive curiosity.

There aren’t too many stand-out golf game franchises that lend an attitude less serious than the PGA Tour franchise (though a new Hot Shot’s Golf game is on the way for PS4 users), so it’ll be interesting to see Three Fields Entertainment’s attempt to get a firm grasp on the market. The relatively new studio said that it plans to create a spiritual successor to Burnout once Dangerous Golf launches, and as with any new studio, the first game can have a significant impact on the funding of the second.

Self-described as a ‘smashing game for all the family’, the game has plenty of potential for a fun co-op experience, and gamers going online can form groups of up to eight players. With four different locations featuring a variety of stages within them, it looks like Three Fields Entertainment has all the mixings for a potential smash arcade hit – though only time will tell if the game leaves the studio in the hole.

Dangerous Golf is on par for a June 3 2016 release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: YouTube