GR Picks: 'Dance Fortress 2' Video Redefines Awesome Fan Art

Dance Fortress

Allow me to state the obvious: Valve has a special place in the hearts of PC gamers. For whatever reason, the properties Valve has created have, not only achieved incredible sales and mainstream adoption, but racked up an incredible fan dedication. But make no mistake, the expression of love from their fans makes perfect sense, given the great lengths Valve undertakes to demonstrate just how important their titles, and the people who love them, are.

What other developer would put so much time into creating short films based around characters in an online shooter? But every once in a while, a fan takes a property that they hold dear, and re-imagines it in an entirely new way. One such fan is James Benson, who has recently completed his masterpiece, Dance Fortress 2.

Benson's offering to Valve's Team Fortress 2, took four months to produce.

To be honest, Valve deserves a massive amount of credit for this one. While still working on new Left 4 Dead DLC and Portal 2, they have somehow found enough time to train each and every TF2 character to be lords of the dance.

I could attempt to describe what you are about to see, but could not possibly do it justice.

Check out the video below:


All joking aside, the amount of time and effort on display here is astounding, and anyone who has taken on a personal passion-project knows just how difficult it can be to produce an end result this awesome. Computer programming is as alien to me as the Covenant, so I'm forced to enjoy Heavies and Spies dancing to "Everybody Dance Now" on its surface. Even so, I've watched the video a number of times - watching each character's unique dance moves, as well as the way they interact with each other and the surroundings, is mind-boggling.

Game Rant, and our readers, share something very important with James - we have a passion for videogames. That said, it takes a special breed of gamer to spend hours, days, even months to produce a fan-project this great.

Check out the full HD version, along with an interview with James detailing the making of the video here.

Which Team Fortress 2 character do you think has the best moves? Sound off in the comments.

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