10 Cloverfield Lane
director Dan Trachtenberg discusses his eagerness to make a video game of his own, although what kind of game this would be is still up in the air.

Dan Trachtenberg is a name which shot up like a rising star in 2016. He was the director behind the highly-rated psychological thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane, and then delivered more quality content with the Playtest episode of Black Mirror. In a recent interview with Glixel, it turns out the silver screen isn’t the only thing Trachtenberg has his eyes on, as he declared a firm interest in producing a video game to call his own.

While it’s not known which gaming genre Dan would be interested in tackling, the 35 year old filmmaker did state that this was a conversation he had already begun with a select few people. Trachtenberg is an avid gamer, and talked of how much he binged on video games once 10 Cloverfield Lane wrapped up, specifically namedropping Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch as his current games of choice.

Here’s what the young director had to say about the changes regarding him eventually developing a videogame:

“I have a feeling I’ll have to make a few more movies before I ever get a shot at making a game, but I’d love to make a game at some point.”

Diving into more specifics, Dan responded quite positively in regards to if he would ever consider working in the realm of virtual reality. He admitted that he garnered no enjoyment from horror games, despite his tendencies in film to lean towards scarier projects, and that games like BioShock 2 (which isn’t exactly the most horror-filled title) had actually stressed him out to play. Whether this means he would refrain from developing such a game from a creative standpoint, though, remains to be seen.

“Virtual reality is this brand new arena that really takes it up a notch in terms of using all of your senses, and all of the cinematic techniques or game making techniques, using sound design and score and visual storytelling to direct you. I would love to crack that nut at some point soon.”

This wouldn’t be Trachtenberg’s first foray into the realm of gaming, as he had previously put in some highly polished work to direct a short film adaptation of Portal called Portal: No Escape. Since the director has already started branching out to a few people, it seems like things are in motion for Trachtenberg to eventually try his hand in the realm of game development.

In any event, the director admits that he’ll likely have to produce a few more movies before he gets a chance to enter the videogame industry, so curious gamers will have plenty of time to contemplate what kind of game Trachtenberg could cook up.

What do you think about the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane potentially producing a videogame, Ranters?

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