DailyMotion Introduces Twitch Competitor

DailyMotion Games Twitch Competitor

If the past year or so has taught us anything it’s that the gameplay streaming and Let’s Play communities are only going to get bigger in the future. Yes, it may be hard for new Let’s Players to reach the heights of You Tubers like PewDiePie – who makes upwards of $4 million of just his YouTube videos – but there’s still plenty of room for growth in the space.

Similarly, there is also room for new companies to try to steal a share of the Let’s Play and gameplay streaming pie. Popular video service DailyMotion, for example, has tried to do just that with the introduction of DailyMotion Games.

While still in beta, DailyMotion Games is the video service’s answer to Twitch streaming. Like Twitch, DMG offers gamers an outlet for their gameplay livestreams and a hub for them to interact with fans. It’s a fairly basic interface right now, offering some simple features and a chat window for viewer interaction.

So far, it seems like DailyMotion Games is occupying a similar space to Twitch or any other streaming service. By that we mean the top games on their list include League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – all of which are staples of the gameplay streaming community. Perhaps during this beta phase Daily Motion was able to sway a couple top streamers to their channel to generate a little buzz.

A big piece that does seem to be missing from the DailMotion Games puzzle is monetization, which is a huge reason why many choose Twitch. Those who upgrade to a premium Twitch account can choose a subscription model for exclusive access to streams as well as some unique customization items like themed emoticons and whatnot. It’s just one way that viewers can show their love to Twitch streamers and they in turn can make a living off of that.

There’s no doubt that DailyMotion Games will get there if they want to stay competitive, but for now it seems like a good start. However, with Twitch already having cornered a large part of the market it will be interesting to see how much DMG can steal away.

Are you interested in using DailyMotion Games as a streaming service? What do you like/dislike about their interface?


Source: DailyMotion

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