Video Proof Daigo is Still the Best Fighting Game Player on the Planet


Daigo Umehara is a fighting game legend who has dominated tournaments for years, and he's still one of the best in the world. This Street Fighter 5 video proves it.

Fans can say what they will about Capcom's Street Fighter 5, but there's no denying the developer has gotten the actual gameplay of its fighting game series down to a science. Although Street Fighter 5 has been widely criticized, with fans especially upset over Street Fighter 5's lack of actual content, the competitive multiplayer scene for the game is still as robust as has come to be expected from the series. While Capcom still has many fires to put out before Street Fighter 5 can redeem itself in the eyes of fans, it is still one of the premier fighting game titles in the genre's tournament landscape.

Those looking for proof of Street Fighter 5's relevance need look no further than the fact that legendary gamer Daigo "The Beast" Umehara is hard at work winning as many of the game's tournaments as he possibly can. Although the man that many consider to be the greatest fighting game player of all time has been met with much stiffer competition these days than when he was basically an unstoppable force over a decade ago, he still has what it takes to beat the game's very best. A video from the European Regional Finals for Street Fighter 5 proves that Daigo hasn't lost a step in one of the most exciting ways possible:


For those unfamiliar with the competitive circuit of the fighting game genre, the above video showcases Daigo performing an incredible series of blocks against his opponent, ImStillDaDaddy, culminating in an incredible maneuver to block on his other side before KOing his opponent with a good old fashioned Hadouken. To put it into perspective for gamers who don't play fighting games, Daigo performed the equivalent of no-scoping an opponent blindfolded while dealing with cross-server lag.

While Daigo doesn't need any more help in cementing himself as the "god of 2D fighting games", a nickname he's held for many years now, Street Fighter 5 will benefit from the positive media exposure that comes with Daigo dominating the game's tournament scene. Street Fighter 5 sales missed Capcom's target by a massive margin, and the developer has struggled to address the title's many shortcomings outside of its characteristically deep multiplayer offering.

Although a literal baby can beat Street Fighter 5's story mode, its multiplayer scene is one of the most challenging competitive experiences in gaming today. Getting to watch Daigo in peak form is like being present while one of history's greatest painters completed their masterpiece - even those who aren't necessarily fans of Street Fighter 5 or fighting games shouldn't miss out on the chance to see a master at work while they still can.

Street Fighter 5 is available now for PC and PS4.

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)

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