Daemon X Machina Revealed for Nintendo Switch

daemon x machina trailer

Nintendo kicked off its E3 2018 press conference with a trailer for Daemon X Machina, a brand new mech game releasing exclusively for the Switch. Rather than giving any details on the story or any characters of the game, the trailer is filled with action-packed gameplay of giant mechs facing off against even bigger mechs. Although it remains to be confirmed, it seems like the game will include some aspect of co-op and multiplayer.

Check out the E3 trailer below.

According to Nintendo, the mechs, which are called Arsenal powered suits, are customizable. Players will be able to obtain weapons from defeated enemies and attach them onto your Arsenal “on the fly” to adjust your strategy against a range of different enemies.

Daemon X Machina is coming out for the Switch in 2019 from Marvelous, a publisher in Japan. One of the game's designers is Kenichiro Tsukuda, who worked on the popular mech series, Armored Core.

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