When it comes to the mobile games market it’s tough to top the success of Angry Birds. While the never-ending battle between poultry and swine has remained king for some time, there was, at one point, a very worthy challenger in the form of a green monster who wanted nothing more than to munch on some candy.

That game, Cut the Rope, enjoyed the top spot on many an App Store list, including the coveted number one spot on the iPhone app store, until Angry Birds reclaimed its title. But that Angry Birds supremacy could all change, as rumors are beginning to swirl that indicate a Cut the Rope sequel is on its way.

Developer Zeptolab is keeping pretty mum about this Cut the Rope sequel (or is it an expansion?), but IGN was able to get their hands on both some concept art and the icon for the game, which confirms its existence.

Currently boasting some 150 levels, Cut the Rope has plenty of content to satisfy any newcomer, but a sequel would be more than welcome. Even a chance to reskin the game during Holidays might keep gamers happy, but only up to a point.

What can gamers expect from Cut the Rope 2? Will the increasingly complex combinations of bubbles, spiders, and sliders lead to puzzles that feel like extensions of the main game? Or is this new Cut the Rope going to introduce mechanics that will once again have us furiously swiping and tapping in the hopes of earning Om Nom’s praise and three stars?

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding Cut the Rope 2, but mostly in regards to its design choices and gameplay. We do know that a character currently dubbed The Professor will play a role in the storyline, and that this game, once released, will sell like gangbusters. Whether it will have the staying power and the popularity to unseat the feathery king is another story, but we look forward to the puzzles nonetheless.

Are you interested in another Cut the Rope? Do you think this sequel has a chance of topping Angry Birds?