'Cut the Rope' Sells 3 Million Units Worldwide

Cut the Rope Sells 3 Million Units Worldwide

Chillingo reports that their record breaking iPhone game, Cut The Rope, has now sold over three million units worldwide. The game's developer, ZeptoLab, said of the news:

"We thank all of the amazing fans who have shared the joyful fun Cut the Rope offers with friends and family to make it a phenomenal success."

For those that haven't played the game, Cut the Rope involves swiping your finger across the touchscreen to cut a rope holding candy. The objective is to get the candy to Om Nom, the creature inside the box which has just showed up at your door. It really makes a lot more sense when you see it in action. The game is highly addictive, as more complicated obstacles get in the way of feeding the candy to Om Nom. The gameplay is solid, and the excellent graphics and sound make it a fitting rival to the highly successful Angry Birds. And if you haven't played that game, I don't even know you.

As innocuous as reports of sales numbers are, I believe there are two lessons to be learned from this success. First, this shows that people still have a strong interest in gaming. The short length and affordability of its games makes the iPhone platform somewhat resilient to the effects the economy is having on sales of more expensive platform titles. However, the Apple App Store is doing a good job of getting people excited about its games in the first place. Secondly, this proves the basic rule that cream rises to the top.  It is inspiring to see that if you have a good idea and execute it well, you can succeed. As much as we report on doom and gloom (including job cuts), it is refreshing to see a bright spot in the game industry.

Incidentally, Cut the Rope is also getting its first update soon. The "Cosmic Box" will contain 25 additional levels to challenge gamers and test their puzzle-solving mettle. This update will also bring enhanced graphics for the retina display, improved scoring, new animations and musical sounds, plus 11 new achievements.

So, what do you think of Cut the Rope and its success? If you haven't played this one, what is your favorite iPhone game?

Cut the Rope is available now in the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad.

Source: CVG

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