Christmas Comes Early With Free 'Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift'

Cut the Rope

Unless you have been living in a box, pun intended, you probably have Cut the Rope installed on your mobile device. An overnight success, millions of players have lost hours to this addictive and cute little candy muncher, and now Zeptolab wants to give a little something back: a free holiday game.

As the only app to ever really compete with Angry Birds, Cut the Rope uses simple and addictive game play wrapped up in a colorful cartoon milieu. The premise is simple, a strange and mysterious package has arrived, and the cute little resident of that package only wants one thing - candy! Players have to use all their cunning and wits to navigate the candy through all the twists and turns the physics engine can throw at them to get the candy in that little guy’s mouth. It is fun with fantastically original gameplay, and has even had updates that have provided players with additional free boxes, making this one of the best ways you can spend $0.99.

Similar to Angry Birds holiday edition, but without the cost, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift has 25 Christmas levels, holiday inspired music, and special themed costumes for our cute little candy munching box buddy. Add to that a new Christmas sock mechanic, which adds a whole new dynamic level to the game with teleporting candies, this little gift from Zeptolabs will have any Cut the Rope fans swinging sweets for hours. The best part about this little gem is that not only is it free, but players do not need to have bought the original game to get it! So take the advice of Cindy Lou Who (who is way more than two) and get copy while you can!

Have you gotten your copy yet Ranters? What do you think of the new stockings, music and levels? I love the new teleporting stockings! Yes, you have to think a little bit differently and it makes the levels a little more dynamic, but when you get that satisfying om nom nom from our cute little hero, it makes it all the better.  What do you think?

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