'Cut the Rope' Now Available on Internet Explorer

Cut the Rope Browser Release

It seems like a popular mobile app hasn’t officially transitioned from disposable time waster to gaming phenomenon if it hasn’t been made a browser-based app. Angry Birds is literally available on every platform imaginable, and now its biggest competition, Cut the Rope, is starting to follow in its footsteps.

That first step towards gaming domination for Cut the Rope starts with its newest announcement: Cut the Rope for Internet Explorer. Cut the Rope is also available on other browsers, but Chillingo wants gamers to know it’s best experienced on Internet Explorer.

In fact, if you happen to be running Internet Explorer 9, Cut the Rope will unlock seven unique levels not featured on either the iOS or Android version of the app. All one needs do is simply pin the game to their taskbar to unlock them.

And to top things off, Cut the Rope on the desktop features Facebook and Twitter integration, so players can make sure their friends know they’ve earned three stars on every level.

This desktop iteration of Cut the Rope only features 25 levels — a huge discrepancy when compared to the numerous game updates the mobile versions have had come their way — but we imagine if it takes off, more should be on the way.

After having played a handful of the levels offered on this desktop version I can’t say that I’m absolutely sold on the translation. The lack of touch controls, traded for mouse movement, is much less responsive and could get pretty hairy as the difficulty ramps up.

Currently Cut the Rope fluctuates throughout the top 5 on the App Store, and its most recent iteration, Experiments, took the game’s fundamentals to a new level. Needless to say, though Cut the Rope seems simple, it is deceptively so, and is actually a very addictive little game worth checking out.

Are you interested in playing Cut the Rope on a browser rather than your mobile device? What advantages can you see in bringing the popular mobile game to the PC or Mac?

To play Cut the Rope on your desktop simply visit


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