Cut the Rope Experiments Teaser Release Date

Perhaps the only mobile game to rival the juggernaut popularity of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope’s charm lies in its deceptive simplicity. Sure, it’s easy enough to finish each level by guiding a piece of candy into the mouth of little green monster (and series mascot) Om Nom. But can you use the level’s physics to grab all three stars on the way? It’s maddeningly addictive stuff, and it looks as if developer Zeptolab’s well-regarded formula will be getting upgraded in an upcoming sequel–Cut the Rope: Experiments.

Things seem to move a bit faster on the frontier of mobile game development. It was only yesterday that we shared the tentative news that the rather popular Cut the Rope would soon be getting the sequel treatment. Just a short turn of the Earth later, it’s been confirmed that Zeptolab will release the standalone Cut the Rope: Experiments much sooner than we thought possible. Which is to say: tomorrow.

Despite (and perhaps because of) the lightning speed of the announcement and subsequent release, not much solid information is known about the physics puzzler’s sequel. The original took place in a series of literal Skinner Boxes, in which Om Nom had been trapped by some vague outside force.

Promotional images for Cut the Rope: Experiments indicate that not only will portions of the game take Om Nom outside the box, but will also expand on the goofy creature’s world and situation.

The extremely brief teaser below shows the shadow of a new character–“The Professor”–who is conducting the experiments of the title. He’ll apparently lend both commentary and an active hand to the levels as you send confections Om Nom’s way. Will he be an antagonist? A benign helper figure? Am I trying to place too much narrative coherence on a title whose plot is as thin as the strings holding up its candy?

Check out Zeptolab’s teaser, and a sample of the gameplay below:



Other than these morsels, not much is known about Experiments. It follows that we wouldn’t see too dramatic a change to the core gameplay. If it isn’t broke, etc. etc. That said, the expansions to the title have added more and more wrinkles to the physics of the game, so we’ll almost certainly see some new gameplay mechanics along with the new environments.

Are you salivating for some more chances to feed Om Nom his cherished candy? Does “The Professor” strike you as innocent or sinister? Will you be slapping down your dollar for Cut the Rope: Experiments at first light tomorrow? Share your enthusiasm in the comments!

Cut the Rope: Experiments will be released on the Apple iOS August 4, 2011.

Source: TechCrunch