Xbox One Headset Sold Separately

Nothing screams “imminent Xbox release” like a good cross-promotional marketing campaign. With Microsoft already reaching out to TV audiences and Canadian zombie fans this past fortnight, the time has come for some aggressive moves into the local cafeteria. Working alongside branding partners Mountain Dew and Doritos, Microsoft‘s ‘every2minutes’ promotion aims to reward snack food fans with exclusive Xbox One incentives, including games, holidays and even special, custom-designed Xbox One consoles.

Unveiled earlier today, these limited-edition console skins will carry the images of three of Microsoft’s top launch day prospects: Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3, respectively. In addition to these ultra-rare console covers, winning bidders from the so-called ‘Advanced’ category, will also receive a copy of their featured title, along with some in-game DLC and a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live.

The system works by translating purchases — i.e. bags, cans and bottles with a unique code – into on-site credit, or auction ‘points,’ that can then be committed to an item bid. Auctions are divided into three separate categories: ‘Standard,’ ‘Advanced’ and ‘Premium,’ with the first offering up a myriad of simple Xbox One bundles, and the latter promoting a slew of special features. Console skins are reserved for the final two categories, with ‘Premium’ bidders pursuing an even more tantalizing prize than their ‘Advanced’ counterparts — a trip to Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace casino for four, along with other game-specific incentives.

Xbox One Dead Rising 3 Decal

  • The ‘Premium’ edition for Ryse: Son of Rome includes a custom-made suit of armor, as well as a full-sized Roman statue in the champion’s likeness. (Begins November 15th)
  • The Premium Dead Rising package features the ultimate in home entertainment appliances, including a 40-55-inch HD TV, Polk Audio sound bar, Turtle Beach headphones and a gaming chair. Winners will also receive a 1:1 replica of the game’s iconic ‘sledge saw’ weapon. (Begins November 22nd)
  • The Premium Forza 5 bundle replaces Las Vegas with a two-day trip to the ‘Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving,’ giving racing fans the chance to get behind the wheel of a Corvette Stingray. (Begins November 29th)
  • The Premium ‘Xbox HQ’ prize includes the Dead Rising edition console and game, as well as a trip for two to Xbox’s Richmond, WA headquarters, with tour and a chance to pitch a game concept to designers. (Begins December 6th)

* age rules apply to particular prizes

Xbox One Forza Decal

Those interested in getting involved can pick up points from any the following purchases:

  • A 24 pack of 12oz Mtn Dew (Diet or Regular flavor) = 300 points
  • A 12 pack of 12oz Mtn Dew (Diet, Regular, ‘Game Fuel’ ‘Electrifying Berry’ or ‘Game Fuel’ ‘Citrus Cherry’ flavor) = 200 points
  • A 2 Liter and/or 1 Liter bottle of Mtn Dew (Diet or Regular) = 100 points
  • Any 20oz bottle of Mtn Dew (Diet, Regular, ‘Voltage,’ ‘White Out,’ ‘Live Wire,’ ‘Code Red,’ ‘Game Fuel’ ‘Electrifying Berry’ or ‘Game Fuel’ ‘Citrus Cherry’ flavor) = 100 points
  • A Limited Edition Doritos Gamer Pack (‘Nacho Cheese’ flavor) = 300 points
  • A 10/11oz bag of Doritos (‘Nacho Cheese,’ ‘Cool Ranch,’ ‘JACKED Spicy Chipotle BBQ’ or ‘JACKED Ranch-Dipped Hot Wings’ flavor) = 200 points
  • A 9.25 oz bag of Doritos (‘DINAMITA Chile Limon’ or ‘DINAMITA Nacho Picoso’ flavor) = 150 points
  • A 3.375/4oz bag of Doritos (‘Nacho Cheese,’ ‘Cool Ranch,’ ‘JACKED Spicy Chipotle BBQ,’ ‘JACKED Ranch-Dipped Hot Wings flavor,’ ‘DINAMITA Chile Limon’ or ‘DINAMITA Nacho Picoso’ flavor) = 100 points
  • A 2.125oz bag of Doritos (‘Nacho Cheese’ or ‘Cool Ranch’ flavor) = 75 points

Xbox One Ryse Decal

Just for fun, here’s a quick breakdown of the consumption numbers needed to figure in Microsoft’s Xbox One auction. At the time of writing, the top ‘advanced auction’ offer is up to 100,001 points, with just under 9 hours of feverish bidding time remaining. Assuming this figure stands — and there’s no reason to believe it will – this ‘winning ‘points value would equate to around 333 bulk buys of Mtn Dew’s 12 oz 24 can packs. That’s just under 8000 cans being consumed in total, or to put it another way, around 1,358,640 cumulative calories (recommended yearly intake is closer to 1mil for active guys).

With major retail chains charging around $8 per pack, 100,001 points is roughly equivalent to 2664 dollars, or $2164 more than most customers will be paying for their Xboxes this holiday season. Of course, these limited skin consoles aren’t the only Xbox Ones up for grabs through the ‘every2minutes’ promotion. ‘Standard’ system bundles (sans special aesthetics) are currently stalling at around 30,000-40,000 points a piece (roughly $800/$1066) with an average of 8 hours left to run per auction.

Do any of these custom Xbox One finishes catch your eye? How much money would you be willing to part with to lay your hands on a limited edition console? Have your say in the comments below, and be sure to be up with all of the latest Xbox One news, right here on Game Rant.


The Xbox One launches worldwide on November 22nd, 2013.

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